Water – The Great Mystery

This documentary will change the way you view life and I am really not exaggerating. This tells us that water has memory, its surroundings affect it, emotions and people have an impact on how water is structured. And its structure reacts and reshapes itself almost like a human mind. If water is alive like a tree is and that we are all somehow connected by it: what does that mean on the big scale of things? Does this prove the existence of god and goes along the lines of creationism? What if water was a giant hard drive that has on it imprinted the structures of life? After all water is the source to all life. God’s best creation? Or could it be that water is really the first living organism and not bacteria? We can debate a century if this research is credible or not but we must admit that water is a very special element. And after watching this it is no longer an element or a thing, it is now a living thing just like a plant is.

The most common substance on earth. It is with us every moment of everyday, but do we know the secrets of this amazing element? Every living thing needs it to survive. Our ignorance of its function and capacities has lead us to abuse its quality and forget its potential.

Witness WATER challenge long-standing assumptions and reveal enlightened new discoveries about the unending potential for water. Examine cutting-edge technology that suggests our thoughts affect the structure of water. These new discoveries go beyond human reckoning – beyond the solar systems and galaxies to the source of life itself.

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