Diet Coke can Kill – Aspartame Documentary 1h 30min

DietCoke.jpgEvery once in a while I realize how ignorant I am and to be honest its a pretty depressing feeling. Diet Coke causing cancer and other symptoms might not be fresh news for you but for me it is. Its the issue about Aspartame which is used in many products we eat. This documentary really opened my eyes on what substances are used in our everyday foods and how clueless we are about the health hazards they can cause. Diet Cokes and Chewing Gums are no longer things I consider safe. In my mind they now fall under the same category as Cigarettes and over Burned BBQ. Why I post about this on High T3ch ? Well, Perhaps the more people know about it the faster will we see it off the shelves. I might be spending more time in the supermarket checking labels, looking for Aspartame. VIDEO ->

If you don’t feel like watching the whole documentary I suggest you forward it to minute 46:49 which begins an explaination of aspertame studies.
Documentary called “Sweet misery”.

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