The Truth About Our Reality – Zeitgeist – Documentary

Iv seen many documentaries and many of them changed my opinion about the world. The following documentary is one that made me think alot, opened my eyes on few things in our system and I wonder now if it will affect me in the future. The first part talks about the image of god, how it has been created from previous texts, copied from other older gods in history and how each one has the same characteristics due to the fact that gods were created by us. Therefore certain people might take this documentary to be very offending. The documentary is obviously made by atheists and you can conclude two different things about their statements in part 1 about the fact that god’s image is copied. The first thing is that since there is only one god, it is logical to think that all gods have the same attributes and the second thing to conclude would be that the story of god is all made up. I warn you, if your life depends on the belief that god is everything and that the meaning of your life is only because god exists, please do not watch this documentary. As I am affraid that many of you might get hurt from your own conclusions. However, it is still a very educational documentary since there are countless interesting and important facts. I wish that whoever sees this documentary spreads it to everyone they know. This video is an eye opener and need to be taken seriously for the masses to be informed of the truth and reality we live in. You will probably wonder after this documentary if I am an atheist, I am not an atheist. I am like many of us who believe that there is something that is beyond us that I can call my own god but the way it is presented by our history is not even near my image of it. VIDEO->

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