American Troops To Get The Most Advanced Robot

BigDog is claimed to be the most advanced robot on earth and not surprisingly the American troops are getting it first. VIDEO->

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  • SG D$RKSN$K3

    Wow! Thats just to unreal! i want to adopt that dog!!!

  • Wow it walks, runs & jumps! Strap some gatling guns on its back & watch out!

  • Anonymous

    so little going on in the world of high teching…

  • sandro

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  • somename94


  • Alex

    I think the webmaster died again.

  • Somehow this video makes me uncomfortable. I don’t mean to sound like a Luddite but that machine causes warning bells to go off in the back of my mind. I’m just through with watching Terminator Salvation trailer and then this. Jeez, i’m going to find a bunker!