Bluetooth Hijack

We are now aware of a security flaw in almost all bluetooth phones used today but how bad is it? As long as you have your bluetooth on, somebody can use your phone to make phone calls, and sniff throught your cell. Take a look on how vulnerable you are to a silent attack. VIDEO->

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  • johnny

    How is it legal in Britain for TV people to do this? I mean, Locke would roll over in his grave.

  • Kal

    This is a way to prevent this from happening. Why would you keep your Bluetooth turned on at all times anyway (except for the hands-free kit)?

  • Levo75

    On most nokia’s bluetooth is standardly on, unless you shut it off.

  • Martin86

    how knows what program that is? en ware to find that programs

  • darko

    awesome! since watching this i tried to download loads of ‘bluejack’ stuff from mobile9 and zedge but some mardy arse twat beat me to it and there no longer allowed 🙁