Coke + Mentos = Coke Jet Pack

cokementos.jpgWith a pair of these you could perhaps do the same thing as the previously posted ”Water bottle Jet Pack”. Coke and Mentos are well known to have an explosive reaction. The guys in this video took it to the next level. Their Coke bottles look like real jet packs. What would actually happen if you were to eat mentos and drink coke ? VIDEO->

Another video to show you how fast the reaction can happen. ->

Another one pretty amusing…VIDEO

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  • Dweezil

    Does anyone know how they seperate the Mentos and soda so that they will combine on impact?

  • Kristian

    How are these guys doing that?

  • Simon Johnson

    Get a job.

  • lame

    that was the lamest video ever. i want my 1.50minutes back… americans…


    you do realize you dont need mentos to do that. weve been doing it for years. and we have tons of footage in our dvd.

  • Matt

    Obviously someone has read the latest FHM and has had too much time on their hands..

  • shizbgby

    This is actually astounding to me. I would love to know which ingredients in each the Pepsi/Coke and Mentos causes this reaction. All I can say is that it has something to something to do when both mixed together is mixed with air…..

    It makes me wanna have Science class all over again. 😀

  • $hab.

    Apparently a chemical in the Mentos decarbonates (that isn’t actually a word but you get the point) the coke at a really fast rate causing the ‘fizziness’ to be released in that sharp manner. That’s why the coke tastes really flat afterwards. That may not be true though, it’s just theoretical.

  • Killer

    Whats the name of that song that is in the Video ?


  • mick010

    it’s all about chemistry!

  • Roxi

    that is soooooooooo cool do it again!!!!!11

  • Byteme

    Bunch of fuckin’ idiots. Sooner or later, (if they stupid wankers have’nt done yet, that is),someone or something is gonna get nailed by this stupid shit. I mean look where the fuck you fools are pullin’ this shit off.


    co0L… reaction big enough… imagine… the one who wud have found it out… must have both (coke n mentos) in his mouth !!! 😉

  • aaron

    the name of the song is by ac/dc..its called thunder

  • aaron

    i mean….thunderstruck

  • edamame

    Safety first eh! Maybe we should all empty our gastanks, and sit in our garages with seatbelts and bike helmets on for all eternity so we don’t get hurt. Big Baby.

  • jerry

    the songs called “thunder struck” dude… how do u not know that…

  • anonymous

    I believe it’s more about physics than chemistry. The irregular surface area of the mentos causes the C02 to form bubbles MUCH more rapidly than it does on the smooth inside of the plastic bottle. this works with anything you dump inside that has a lot of irregular surface area, like life savers.

  • Graham

    Cool video, i’ll be picking up mentos later today. The song in the video is Thunderstruck by ACDC

  • YEah

    ACDC – Thunder Struck

    Great aussie rock get it in ya 🙂

  • You leave the wrapper on the mentos. Then it give you time to shut the lid.

  • Chazz Eakin

    We dont have mentos over here, but sugar-free polo mints also work a treat. The active ingredients that react I believe, is Magnesium stearate from the polo mints and phosphoric acid from the coke/pepsi.

  • ROy

    That what i Would expect from inconsiderate pEps..with lack of Brain sel! useless!

  • um actually the main reaction comes from carbonated water and sugar.

    if you ever had 1 of those sodastream machines as a kid, when you carbonated your own water you had to pour the syrup in REALLY slowly, otherwise it just went BOOM, and we never had the balls to try carbonating pure syrup. that would have been fun.

    if you can get a sodastream machine, just carbonate tap water, and drop the mentos in – same reaction, but free.

  • Keza

    Wow. Oh so cool… but seriously, who gives a heck about the saftey? No one is going to get hurt, and at the most, they might hear someone say “Of fu**en ow, a bottle landed on me and now I’m wet with coke. Boo fu**en hoo.”

  • DOuche

    Hey, if you put sugar in pop then it does the same thing. Try it with fuzzy peaches instead, or some other highly concentrated sugar snack.

  • Jonno

    All I can say is if they were serious, they would use BATTERY ACID (Any acid) and Tin FOIL….BOOOOOOM Makes Hydogen, YOU KNOW IT HAAARRRRRRD…Stuff the safety. Life’s a dirty, dirty, minefield. Who wants to make it safe and stuff…….BOOOOOOORING!

  • Matt

    Lol, thts awesome, im tryin that 2moz, dus it have 2 be diet coke or pepsi???

  • Matt

    soz, wot i ment wos dus it hav 2 b diet or can it jus be normal????

  • sam

    what is mentos where do u get it in th uk

  • t

    haha i like how they are like “whooaaa cool! awesome thats fucking tits!”

    they’re such dorks… hahah

  • if anyone figures out how to seperate the memintos until impact please email me at

  • WarGamer

    That was amazing im still laughing my ass off. I wanna start making rockets now.

    For the record CLR + baking soda = chlorine (aka mustard) gas

  • cronoyuha

    it should be diet, because sugar makes it stickier.

  • bob

    I like pancakes.

  • Orakio

    Once when I was little, 8 years old or so helping my mother carry some shopping home, I dropped an unopened large bottle of coke on the floor and it exploded like that, shot right accross the park.

  • ammar

    itz awesome

  • ammar

    tell me how to do it my email is

  • Yakhy go screw yourself what if the bottle jumps back on your face?? Jackasses… and at least do it somewhere open, not beside your mom’s car!

  • Bizak

    Dweezil there is a sligt posobility that roll made of news paper will delay the reaction other then that there is a posibility of dipping mentoes into melted sugar (not using your fingers to hold it) and never close the bottle even so it is made to sustaine loads of presure incase it blows you dont whant to be neer it.

  • Smurf

    Hey USA, watch out, will be forbidden within days, because terrorist may use it. Get a gun now and shoot some friends at school, this is still allowed…..

    Sometimes pretty funny, this world…

  • hellfish

    It’s the gum arabic and gelatin in the mentos that decrease the surface tension of the water in the coke. that allows a rapid expansion of the size of the C02 gas bubbles that were previously dissolved. i tried it last night, worked pretty well. i dropped half a mentos into a 2 liter of store brand diet coke, and it shot about 3 feet in the air. As for the rockets, what worked best for me was about 3 mentos in a 2 liter, and screw the lid on tight, let it fizz up, unscrew the lid slightly, and throw it down to hit the ground lid first. got about 20 feet of vertical height and about 50 feet of horizontal distance.

  • Mason

    Zomg im soo tryign this lol .

  • scott

    man that was one of the colest things ive seen in a while it would be funny if it shot up and smacked one of the guys in the face though

  • nick

    My friend and I are going to set a 3 liter off with 2 things of mentos in it in our lunchroom on the last day of lunch. I’ll tell you the results once we do it.

  • Great ! Let us know how you got punished : )

  • 2NICK


  • rohit

    maN, thats the coolest thing ever!!

  • I just tried with my friends yesterday. The reaction went so quick that we had no time to get the top on, was still fucking sick!!!1

  • shashank


  • arxidia

    it is really cool!

  • bobby

    Uhhhh this isn’t something newww!!! i used to do this back in junoir high and i never needed mentos.

  • science?no?fools

    hmm, sometimes it might be good to upload this things cause some ppl actually talk scientific and let readers learn some stuff=P

  • Ya nick, do that in your school… you dumbass.

  • Nick

    My name is nick, a different nick, this is going down at uni tomorow. Last day of semester.
    ~Patriotic Australian

  • Erik and Alex

    were gonna try this later, when we get drunk, were gonna test out 6 mentos in the original package just shoived in, and then were gonna try out some other stuff to. going to post results LATERZ YALL, i would like to give a shout-out to the guy that said I LIKE PANCAKES! I LOVE THEM TO LITTLE BUDDY! KEEP ON ROCKING!

  • Tippy

    Tried it and Sheeeeeiiiiittttt
    I am 70 years of and Loved it….The Diet Coke is not Sticky when it hits you in the fact like a Blivet……

  • Brian

    My friend and I just did this in the Wal-Mart parking lot with 3 Mentos and a 2 liter! Oh my GOD!! It shot high enough with such force it landed on top of Wal-Mart!!!

  • AWSOME!!!

  • DerangeGhoul

    enough with diet coke already! Try a budweiser instead, add a few one-inch long concrete nails inside the bottle, and add exactly one-third of a menthos wrapped with tissue paper, and plug a cork on the bottle opening.
    Dont throw it on passing car’s windshield, u might just kill somone.

  • I am the guy in the first video with the CokeRockets …

    We have shot around 300 cokes, no one has EVER been hit cause you can aim them. our website has many more videos that we have made so check us out ( HATERS DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT CAUSE WE AREN’T A FAN OF PROFANITY)

  • X Man

    There was an episode where if you watch the Discovery Channel the MythBusters had a real fun time with this they figured out how to make the stream of coke shoot up to 33 feet or around there. It was a pretty cool episode and if you can catch the rerun it would be worth it. Or you can go to and buy that episode to figure all the dinamics out because they do it all for you.

  • jim

    whats the name off the first song at the begining cheers

  • poolman09

    @lame: you need A} A girl friend. B} A life, or C} a new outlook on americans, or stop raising reeaaly racist and nationalist comments, like tentacles in the Magnetic Floating bed. So, just plz stop doing this all you people who just want to start internet fights about racists and nationalists.

  • \

    “Wow. Oh so cool… but seriously, who gives a heck about the saftey? No one is going to get hurt, and at the most, they might hear someone say “Of fu**en ow, a bottle landed on me and now I’m wet with coke. Boo fu**en hoo.”

    unless of course someone gets that bottle smack in the chin. im looking forward to those videos. and then everybody will like “who coulda known”

    the way they do it is just plain idiotic. period.

  • Nathan


  • matak

    Does anybody know what’s the song in that second video…
    i knew that thing for like 10 years..

  • Ashleigh


  • brittany

    umm wat kind of acid or chemical is in the mentoto cause this reactoin??

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  • Anonymous

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