Diet Coke can Kill – Aspartame Documentary 1h 30min

DietCoke.jpgEvery once in a while I realize how ignorant I am and to be honest its a pretty depressing feeling. Diet Coke causing cancer and other symptoms might not be fresh news for you but for me it is. Its the issue about Aspartame which is used in many products we eat. This documentary really opened my eyes on what substances are used in our everyday foods and how clueless we are about the health hazards they can cause. Diet Cokes and Chewing Gums are no longer things I consider safe. In my mind they now fall under the same category as Cigarettes and over Burned BBQ. Why I post about this on High T3ch ? Well, Perhaps the more people know about it the faster will we see it off the shelves. I might be spending more time in the supermarket checking labels, looking for Aspartame. VIDEO ->

If you don’t feel like watching the whole documentary I suggest you forward it to minute 46:49 which begins an explaination of aspertame studies.
Documentary called “Sweet misery”.

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  • Mark O’Leary

    HighT3ch is pretty good on gadgets, but maybe not so great on biochemistry or medicine. See for example:

    .. or search somewhere like quackwatch.

    There is probably a reason that this conspiracy theory is promoted through glossy videos rather than peer-reviewed science.

    Stick to the Ipod addons, I think. A product release doesnt require a high level of critical thinking or research to report.

  • I know ur right : ) I try : )
    Thanks alot for your link 🙂

  • timmy

    there have been unprecedented accusations of certain products, and substances, that have had high cancerous risks when ingested in large quantities. i still remember when milk was bad for you. the truth is we dont know what really triggers cancer but that will never stop the media from blowing every case study out of proportion. the safest way to choose is to realize that nothing is good for you in tremendous quantities, so stick to a variety when making meal selections.

  • Thats a good point timmy. It reassures me 🙂

  • basketcase

    the video gives strong evidence towards that aspertame contributes to cancer. they is solid evidence that unatural products, such as drugs (meth) damages your body. if you look at the chemical structure of aspertame, and it does have poison in you. true to say, anything in a large quantity is bad for you, but aspertame seems to give a big impact to your health.

  • Rich

    Nothing replaces thinking for yourself because no one holds your best interest but you – not the government, not your doctor, not scientists, and not a self-proclaimed final say on these matters such as Quackwatch. Quackwatch is grossly biased. The Aspartame documentary should also not be taken as gospel, but it does provide very much needed balance to inform consumers of information and opinions that allow one to more fairly judge these health issues for themselves.

  • crille

    This documentary is called
    Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World

  • DjW

    Even if Aspartame is not a primary vector for cancer, it could and probably is part of a collective effect. So lets say you drink Aspartame flavored drinks/food, also eat highly processed foods, are regularly exposed to toxic levels of chemicals in your home, and then take other unnecessary risk factors (excessive tanning, smoking, chemical based rec. drugs) and you will have an extremely heightened chance of cancer. So focusing on one potential vector for cancer isn’t enough, you need to contend with the others as well.

  • Moon

    Who paid for that documentary?

    The sugar lobby, most likely.

  • Paige Fletcher

    Aspartame caused me to have dizzy spells for 3 years and caused memory problems. That’s’s all I need to know to keep me and my children free of it! I’m only sorry that some people will have worse problems from it and when they realize it, it could be too late.

  • Moon

    Who knows? It may be the elixir of life and people who use a lot of aspartame COULD live forever.

    THAT statement has about as much scientific fact as this “documentary”.

  • BSDaemon

    I think I’d rather drink sugar, then chemical.

  • you guys do know that nowadays, too much of anything will give you cancer, or kill you. Example: More than 1 or 2 gallons of water in less than an hour could flood your cells and kill you. 1 or 2 gallons of salt would constrict your arteries of dry your cells of protiens. 1 or 2 gallons of sugar = diabetes = coma { a slim chance }see? so just dont drink too much soda. But, personally i dont drink soda at all because it tastes like chemicals and crap blended up in jello-pudding.

  • Bob

    yea but the whole reason people drink coke is because it tasts like “chemicals and crap blended up in jello-pudding”. lol . because we are all bad asses. lol . we can drink stuff that tastes artificial and does nothing for our helth. lol . So join in all the fun, you dont know what you are missing. all the cool people are doing it. lol

  • momotarosan

    i am more scared of high fructose corn syrup than i am of aspartame…i trust splenda more than other sweeteners

  • daniel michael

    it’s my pleasure to get 2 know about this information. now i believe that it is true. thanks

  • MusicLover

    My mother has been having dizzy spells for… I guess about 2-3 weeks and she has been drinking a lot of diet drinks. I think this might have something to do with it. I’m really glad that I went to this website.

  • diane

    I have had ringing in my ears for years, I have been off diet coke for three weeks and guess what no more ringing.I wiil never drink another one

  • Bruce Banner

    Thank you. This is really great stuff. Did you make this?

    • No Bruce, we just posted these videos we are not affiliated or related in any way to the makers of this documentary.