EA Games Headquarters Tour

GT gives us a tour of the EA Games Headquarter which looks like a really cool place to work. If you are one of those people who actually work there, I am jalouse! VIDEO->

Via Techeblog

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  • T-Jizzle

    Well all this big places have it mad like that googles just another right off the top of my head…if you play you cards right u too can get a job there

  • To upper management

    Dear Electronic Arts Company / 01-22-09

    I’m for the most part a reasonable man, but my patience is wearing out fast.

    1) Download time took 3 times longer than comparative companies, i.e. “stream”.
    2) After a 2, ½ hour download, when installing, there was an error writing a file, this usually means a corrupt download.
    3) I was told to send a screenshot, so your troubleshooter, “Harsh, J.” could better analyze the problem, even though I told him that the “Downloaded game file is corrupt”. Most probably the file became corrupt on the immense download time.
    4) Beings that was my only option, I sent out 3 screen shots, and my reply was:
    5) Hi,
    Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.
    I’m sorry to inform you that the attachment has been discarded. There is a known issue where important attachments (such as screenshots and DxDiag files) are discarded during the reply, especially when using mail client programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. As our system is well capable of handling relatively large files, I suggest that the attachment procedure be done through our support site or through the web-based end (using your web browser directly) of your preferred e-mail service. I apologize for the inconvenience this may entail, rest assured it will allow us to be able to assist you more effectively with your concern.
    If there is anything else we can help you with please let me know.
    Thank you,
    EA Online Support.
    6) Like I said, I’m a reasonable man that’s why you’re getting one last time to rectify this situation. I will send you the screen shots directly, and if this problem isn’t handled with in a short period of time please refund my card immediately or I will pursue legal action.

    Sincerely Bryan Loy


    After going through this last fiasco, and I might add to no avail and then jumping through your last unbearable hoops, I find my self thoroughly distraught, if your company has any self-respect you will either refund my card or send me the disk free of shipping. If you find this dissatisfactory please keep the monetary compensation as a reward to your incompetence.

    Yours truly Bryan Loy