Fastest Street-Legal Car in Production – Koenigsegg

Made by the Swedish, Koenigsegg is the fastest of Street-Legal cars. Top Gears review of the Koenigsegg is impressive pushing it to 280kmh (174mph). This swedish beauty blows away the most incredible cars ever built. A truly astounding feat of engineering and power. Koenigsegg is truly the top of the Super cars! 655 Hourse Power and a massive V8 enginge. VIDEO->

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  • zeb

    174mph? For the price of that thing, I could just about buy one of every production motorcycle capable of doing well over that speed.

  • DeWinters

    Becouse their test track isnt long enough, they got it up to 174mph. But it has a TOP speed of 245mph. If u didnt listen? And thats the little brother, its big brother (The CCX) has 806bhp or 920Nm (678ftlb). If it had wings it would fly… What I would like to see is a stand off between the CCX and Bugatti Veyron.

  • Q

    665 horse power, the tires aren’t strong enough to handle higher speeds, but hypothetically if they were, a v8 with that much power could reach about 350mph and sustain it easy

  • masterofpuppets

    Car sux… i’d rather buy something else than waste money of this piece of crap

  • Chole

    I bought one but it isnt as good as my fiat punto 1.2 sporting active

  • Chole

    I bought one of these but its not as good as my fiat punto 1.2 sporting active