Fibonacci Sequence & Golden Ratio – Fingerprint of god?

Fibonacci sequence fingerprint of god
From time to time my beliefs are put in question and these two videos are definitely going to make me think for quite a long time. I haven’t concluded anything out of it but it makes me happy to know that such interesting “coincidences” exist. And I hope it makes you wonder but not too deep…

Pretty good animation of the febonacci sequence.

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  • Marijn

    So easy you don’t have an explanation so it must be god.
    So what is the reason some people are evil and other not?

    • Maybe the Fibonacci ratio also applies here; I’d like to think the evil/beneficence ratio favors the latter, even though history seems to contradict that hope.

  • mozespilgrim

    Also, there is a hydrogen everywhere in Universe, WOW, proof of God! 😉

  • Mistaprimeminista wants us to examine our preconceptions, but not so deeply that we might conclude the obvious: The universe has a grand design. Perhaps there is a grand Designer.

    • Any conclusion at this point is just a mere speculation. Perhaps the guys at CERN will be able to tell us a little more in a few years…

  • Lee

    If you put 2 apples in a basket and then put two more in the basket, you now have 4 apples. This happens everywhere. Even with galaxies. If there are 2 over here and 2 over there, there are 4 galaxies! Oh. Em. Gee. This must mean the number 4 is the fingerprint of a grand designer.

  • Nads

    Thing is, this could be proof of a god because it is abundant in the world, reoccurring and something that science hasn’t come up with a reason for, but people choose whether to believe that or not. Same goes for evolution though, you can get little bits of evidence but it can never be completely proven. No one was there to see the first atom, there is no completely conclusive paleontological evidence, especially with the cambium layer posing issues and more tricky things popping up, so really whatever is said about it is imaginative description and theory. Both are inconclusive, I think that’s the best way to view it.

  • gritona

    the Fibonacci numbers, and the golden ratio keep appearing very often in nature. i have been teaching kids about this for 50 years- lots and lots of students, lots of little lessons. in all this time, neither I nor my students thought of any god. we were and are content to give Mother Nature all the credit she deserves.

    • Glad to hear that ! Thank you for your teachings 🙂