Flying Manta Ray Inflatable Watercraft

Need a joy ride this summer ? For $499 USD you can get your self this Flying Manta which unlike towable watercraft that stay on the surface of the water, this inflatable watercraft and its rider are able to rise above the surface and hover in the air at speeds as low as 23 miles per hour. This item was taken off the market due to it’s dangerous nature, people were seriously injured with broken bones, drowning and being paralyzed from flying at 55km/h (35mph) and falling into water. VIDEO->

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  • Greg

    Do you still have one of the manta ray flying tubes for sale? Please let me know thanks Greg

    • Raymond J Sidwell

      Omg it was the most fun I have ever had on the water we ripped it in one day but wow it was fun

      • Carrie

        I have a used one in oringinal box, trying to sell!!!

        • Raymond J Sidwell

          Where do u live and do u have pictures

          • Gabe

            If you have one for sale shoot me text message with some pics and asking price….210-793-4968

        • Brad Bivens

          Do you still have this for sale?

  • nick payne

    PLEASE tell me where I can get one, I’ve been trying for a year!

  • gaaleo

    Please let us know where we can buy one because it seems to be out of stock everywhere. Thanks,.

  • bob

    where can you buy one from?

    • Mike Valley

      Have one

  • SanguineAddiction

    I have wanted a kite tube for years, even knowing that people have been severely injured and there have been a couple of deaths related to them. Both lakes that I have lived on they were strictly prohibited and could result in time in jail for use. Even though I’m almost 30, I STILL WANT ONE and want somewhere to enjoy it!!!

    • admin

      Waw, thats good to know….people must have been flying really high…

  • Jarol22

    where I can buy Flying Manta Ray.Please info

    • Shawn

      I have one for sale. Where are you located?  Shawn

      • bill

        Do you still have it? Still looking to sell?

  • Rosa Pity You Parks

    I got one for sell callme 5414149794

    • george washington

      Still have it for sale ??????

      • JacksonO

        I am selling one currently

        • Newell Walther

          Do you still have it for sale?

          • siouxpersniper .

            I have one, I am in Colorado.

          • Raymond J Sidwell

            I’m looking for one on good shape

          • Mike Valley

            I have one

          • Raymond J Sidwell

            Where are u located and how much?

          • Mike Valley

            California, I’ll take 200 and you pay the postal fee.

          • Mike Valley


          • Kyle

            Give me a call 8644389468 I’ll buy it now

          • DJ

            I live in Bakersfield CA hmu 6618086684 I’ll buy it

          • Cameron

            Do you still have it? Please email me if you do.

          • Jeremy

            Do you still have it for sale. If so what part of Colorado I am interested in getting one.

          • siouxpersniper .

            I’m actually up in ND right now, but I could bring it back down on Feb 20th. email me for pics siouxpersniper at gmail

          • Mike Valley

            I have one

          • Eriic Salinas

            How much

        • Eriic Salinas

          Is it available

  • Nope

    These were taken off the market because people were getting killed and paralyzed. You can get the same experience by climbing up on top of a big rig truck, wait till it’s moving at 35 mph, and then jump off.

    • *then jump off into water. 🙂

      • Nope

        At 35 mph water feels a lot like pavement.

        • That’s true…

        • george washington

          PUSSY !

  • Eriic Salinas

    Does anyone still have one available if so msg me at 9562222783

  • Tiffany

    I have one of these if someone is interested. Ontario Canada

    • Devin

      Lol also in Ontario Canada.. Greater Toronto Area to be more specific sold mine for 90$ i felt like a chump.. post on kijiji for 300$ u should get offers at 250$used(half the value of new)