Honda's Fuya Jo Party-on-Wheels Concept

Honda has produced some pretty creative concept cars in the past. The Fuya Jo is what I call Over Creative. The car is designed for those who party all day and can use the Fuya Jo as a dance floor. With its out of ordinary interior this concept car can let the occupants dance while they are being transported to destination. Pretty much a waste of time for a concept car. One more pic ->


Via Gizmag

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  • Mike Lewis

    “Pretty much a waste of time for a concept car.”

    I completely disagree. The car looks like it could be easily configured for people in wheelchairs to roll in the back and drive the car while still in their wheelchair.

  • Thats true Mike ! Its a very valid point. Thank you.

  • beanz

    car is fucked

  • Anonymous

    it’s a waste aof money and time it’s bull sh*** me!

  • Anonymous

    this concept car is cool I havent sean many things like this before

  • quanakaearz

    its ugly on da outside
    but i bet its sound system is da bomb

  • youssef

    this is the most ugliest fuckin car my eyes have ever witnessed

  • Anonymous

    oh wow we they’ve offical made a futuristic box for hobos

  • tutuca`s

    really ugly… it´s has no sense… in my country (argentina) could be named like a “plastic box in wheels”

  • masieh

    i think there is a way to make this car better. they can change it into a doublefloor, so you could carry 6 or 7 people in it for example. or just use the room under/above for bigger or more luggage for example if you go to vacation.

  • xX5UN5H1N3Xx

    This thing reminds me of a 70’s vacuum cleaner. Ugly as all hell.