How To Steal A Laptop

Have you ever watched somebody steal a laptop? I have seen some videos on TV where people get caught stealing clothes, food and even cars but for some reason this video makes me think that laptops are the easiest. Im not trying to encourage anybody to steal but if you ever come to that point in your life, I would advise you to go try a laptop first. : )

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  • Steeeeev

    Crime does not pay!!!

  • dave

    Yes, crime does pay, quite well.

  • EMC

    lol, did he get caught later on or anything? was pretty slick

  • tooms

    even though he was steeling they must deserve it for not being able to see the large rectangle in his shirt!

  • GP

    Think he didn’t get caught? come on…his face is clear as day on the security cameras. For those of you who think you can get stuff for free…go ahead. I’ll be your pin pal when you’re getting it from behind in jail.

  • born2respawn

    Lesson for the day: chain display laptops down!

  • Bad Theif

    In my years I’ve had some experience at this and he screwed up in one large way. He was to nervous. He hesitated at several points and was more then a little suspicious in the way he watched for on-lookers. He got out the door but he shouldn’t have.

  • puerto rican to the fullest!

    yeah i’ve pretty much become a professional at stealing shit..and this guys is a bad theif…he’s too nervous number 1 and makes it obvious the way hes looking around for people looking. And even if they have his face on camera, it doesnt mean they gonna catch him…unless he goes back in that store which i doubt he aint that stupid.

  • dzz

    of corse he got caught if theres this video from a secerity camera