Is Recycling Pointless? Are We Recycling Bullshit?

Penn & Teller tell us that recycling is just a movement that started in the 80s that has no concrete reasons to be. They say that recycling is even worst to the environment than we think. Most people feel good about recycling but for wrong reasons since they have been lied from the beginning about how recycling works. Their documentary is very debatable. I think they emphasize too much on money and how much what will cost. But I believe that even if it costs too much and takes alot of resources rather than just dumping it, we are still slowing down the rate at which those landfills are growing. After all, we do not have an infinite amount of land even if Penn & Teller say that we have enough space. A planet is not infinite. VIDEO->

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  • gnok

    Wow, can’t believe I’ve watched all of this…

    Alright, in some cases recycling is worst for the environment. Fine. No system is perfect. But, recycling isn’t just about throwing stuff in a blue can. It’s also about reusing things you don’t need to throw away. Such as plastic food containers, paper you can write note on it or even take course note on them, unused wood plank to build something else with.

    Recycling is about common sens, not only about money. The system isn’t perfect, fix it instead of throwing it away. I still believe recycling is good, and I won’t stop doing it. However, this is good to see (if it’s all true that is) where all this recycling is going today.


  • this is bullshit!