Man with Blue Skin

This man has a skin condition that makes his skin blue-purple. Strangly enough it was so gradual that he did not notice the change at first until a friend of his said “what did you do?”. I do not fully understand why he got his skin blue from the water he drinks. If anyone could explain it would be interesting to know. He reminds me a little of the Blue Beast in X-Men. VIDEO->

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  • Leg3nd

    Lol The real life Papa Smurf..Id like to know aswell thats kinda cool.

  • Haha!
    Papa Smurf!
    Thats a good one Leg3nd! lol 🙂

  • Its caused by using colloidal silver, its thought by some to be a panacea, a cure all for everything. Using it causes Argyria, the blue skin condition. There are lots of people with this condition, most notably a politician , though i cant remember his name.

  • i might add that there is no real harm caused by the blue skin.

  • alright, well thats good to know:)

    i think this gives a real meaning to term “blue balls”

    what color will he turn if i were to choke him?

  • Leg3nd

    Lmao “blue balls”…..This reminds my of daft punks film Interstellar another planet full of blue ppl…..

  • Mike

    The condition is known as Argyria. He consumed “Silver Water” or water containing Colloidal Silver.



  • Anonymous

    this dude is completely purple, i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw him eating in a restaraunt, but it’s no joke, the man was really purple, i was gonna take a picture but my friend wouldn’t let me

  • Billyjoe

    i’m not positive but i would assume it might have something to do with the silver in his water, if it says it’s from the water he drinks, haven’t watched it yet tho idk

    • I recently heard that there was a family in the U.S that had a gene which was making their blood vessels thinner, it resulted in them looking all blue, just like this man but they were like that from birth.