New Generation Web Cams – Logitec QuickCam Orbit

Phillip Torrone from Make Magazine made this Video Review of the Logitech QuickGame Orbit Webcam. I heard about some features of the new generation webcams but I have never seen them in action. This one has a 1.3 megapixels and some amazing Video Effects. Its very cool, amusing and im already thinking of buying one. Props to Phillip Torrone ! VIDEO->

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  • Xinsane

    AWESOOOME!!! I liked the thick eyebrows the best…

  • reuthermonkey

    That kicks ass. gotta get me one or 2 of them

  • Jon

    So i saw this video about a week ago.Since then i’ve been obssessed by it.Today i went on ebay.Bought oneof these for 50 quid..70 quid cheaper than rrp..Actaully can’t wait till it gets here! Never,EVER going to leave my house again! HAHA!