Philips Digital Light Painting Kit

The Philips Drag & Draw installation allows  you to paint on walls via laser beams. It can be used to draw on any wall surface. Too much fun for the kids! VIDEO->


Via Techeblog

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  • jake veredika

    that is awesome!!!

  • legend85

    man i wish stuff like this was out as a kid

  • steve

    how much is that???

  • John Savala

    i am very interested in purchasing this product. Could you tell me where i could find this technology? I have searched the net, and i cant seem to find it anywhere. Please help, i am eagerly awaiting a response.

  • terry

    ive searched the net, cant find one of these for sale anywhere.

    maybe philips are not actually going to produce this. 🙁

  • Simon

    I too have to trying to find a source in which to buy this unit from.. Any ideas? Im from Australia, but any contacts/links would be great.

  • Kristine

    Has anyone been able to locate this product? Is there a distributer for this product? Help! Please contact me with a reply if you have found any!

  • coolguy117

    OMFG WOWZORZ WHERE DO I GET THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

  • Micubano

    Almost 2010 and still no sign of this. What happened? Did the lights blind people?

  • Anonymous

    cant find it anywhere :/