Programmer Uses HTML/Notepad to Recreate Mona Lisa

This is what you call programming skills. I am not sure if he actually made the eyes of Mona Lisa as the HTML code. It seems like he just added a picture instead of the eyes and the rest was done by pure code. VIDEO->

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  • Wonder if all those table cells can be generated by a script who reads the image… The ultimate resource against image hotlinking…

  • Wow that’s amazing. Notice how they did’nt use the amazing Dreamweaver to make this 🙂

    I wonder how much that video was sped up by!

  • yep, that’s a program generating the code. I’ve got that exact program lying around somewhere. look for bmp2html or similar and you’ll find lots of stuff that will do it.

  • WOW! amazing. I didn’t know about this. Thank for sharing.