Rasta Technology – The Bob Pillow

I have been unable to post on HighT3ch ever since the holidays and now that things are slowing down I think the site will come alive again. Nothing better to start the videos with than a little Rasta Technology – The Bob Pillow, what a wonderful invention! Every time Im feeling down I could look at this video and remind my self to take it all “eaaasy”. The laugh of the guy is priceless. VIDEO->

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  • Bob

    LOL that guy has a crazy ass laugh… but i dont really get how this pillow is “hight3ch”…

    Good fun to watch if wanna laugh a bit when your bored. 😀



  • MistaPrimeMinista

    lol Legend your comment tells me alot about this post lol 🙂


    That laugh had me dying thats all i could say at the time………HA! HA! HA!

  • Bob, the pillow is not “hight3ch” at all lol, as you already noticed it but I wasn’t able to resist posting it 🙂

  • matt

    Hard to understand.

  • matt

    Guess it wouldn’t be if I was smoking something pungent.