Smash my PS3 – WTF?

As we saw today and few days earlier in our NorthAmerican streets some are willing to do strange things to obtain a PS3 but this is something I was not expecting at all. This guy got his PS3 just to beat the hell out of it. Why? You tell me! VIDEO->

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  • biggest worthless peice of money ever wasted on the best console {however buggy} on the market today, if you are going to make fun of the ps3 dont buy one u retards. lol

  • Rex

    The most idiotic commercial effort for a website. I hate it.

    How many morons will go visit a website just because its owner was stupid enough to buy a console and smash it? RETARDS.

  • Junior

    u guys are fan boy lol RIDDDDDDDDDDDGE RaaaaccccEEEEEEEERRRRRRR

  • Kal

    What’s the point of getting a buggy console… though I must admit I think I passed the gaming age, or I have too much studies to think about it. I’m going to buy the slim version of the PS3 (every other PS had one).

  • veredika

    that is one tough ass little console! even though we all know that these guys were doing it for attention, I kind of respect the idea that I find behind smashing it. PS3 is one of those things that can run your life, and just doing away with it like that is a slap in the face to that fact. fuck PS3, it is not worth robbing or mobbing or waiting 18 hours in line for. And screw crying about some guy smashing one that he paid for with his own money, if he wanted to stick his damn cock down in the circuitry, he very well has every right to because he owns it.

  • i know i already posted but lol… i cant get over spending $600 to break a buggy console… …FOR ATTENTION! LOL i mean c’mon dude. They got sum problems up there. {in their head} lol. great vid.

  • asdf

    They bought the PS3 with money that was donated by visitors of their website.

    And I think it’s great to destroy an idiotic console. Better get a life and have fun with friends.

  • Popcorny

    Woooooooooooooo, I have a Ps3 and i hate it. Wasn’t worth one cent if you ask me. Go 360