Sniper, sniper where are you ?

AntiSniper.jpgBeing shot at and never knowing where it comes from is a sure sign of a sniper. So BBN has come up with a solution. It’s called the Boomerang Mobile Shooter Detection System and alerts soldiers of incoming sniper fire to give them the opportunity to retreat to safety. Using seven microphones to detect both the muzzle blast and the shock wave from a speeding bullet. Once a sniper’s bullet is detected, it alerts soldiers through audio and visual signals that a bullet has been fired its direction and elevation.Snipers are going to get extra sneaky with this system !

Via Gizmag

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  • ben

    Seems worthless… once the muzzle blast and shock wave are there the bullet is probably already in your head…

  • Worthless if used for one person. But if one gets shot it avoids the one beside him getting shot the same way 🙂

  • CougarSniper

    WTF? MistaPrimeMinista, if one guy gets shot and the dude beside him needs a friggin pile of microphones to tell him that there is a sniper shooting that them, then he deserves to be shot also.

  • It informs the other soldiers from what direction the shot came from.

  • branhand

    You colossal jewels of ignorance! The opening sentence reveals the purpose of the system. “not knowing where it’s coming from….BBN has come up with a solution.” The system allows you to defeat the sniper’s greatest asset as a singular unit on the battlefield – stealth. If you can find him, you can kill him. You people are pathetic. Examine yourselves. Your ignorance is appalling.

  • Tyson

    All you need do to know what direction the sniper is located in is to retrace the path of the other guys brains backwards. Now if this thing can give me an exact range to work with that would be something worth having around. Especially if I had a mortar team with me.

  • HUH?

  • Anonymous

    lots of guys will be dead before you can find that sniper