The Pet Spa

Yes! Just like us, cats have their own spa where they enjoy calming waters and hot saunas for a good relaxing kitty time. I feel really bad for the cat, traumatized for life. I wonder who invented such a horrible, Horrible machine. VIDEO->

The Cat’s Mental State after the Pet Spa ->

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  • some guy

    Kittie loves it! How cute!

  • Bob

    Cretins, torturing an animal.

  • appalled

    This is so wrong. Unbelievably wrong. Poor kitty should be rescued from his evil owner.

  • John

    I’ll will have my revenge…hiss…REVENGE!

  • Judy

    that was an awful thing to do to that cat.

  • Zim Hosein

    Give that cat a beer!

  • Cat Lover

    Sick. If that was supposed to be funny, I found it to be just the opposite. How would you like to be locked in a confined space with water pouring in? Some people do things to animals that they’d never do to other people. The cat looked as if it feared for its life, all for some people’s amusement. Nice. Doing that to that poor cat was bad enough, but filming it and putting it on the Internet? How low can you go?

  • MistaPrimeMinista

    lol poor little wet kitty


    And the results of this amazing device are seen here:


  • Crank Turner

    Just when you thought people couldn’t get any more pathetic…….I mean seriously, why not just tie firecrackers to the cat’s tail or something.

  • Jay

    I hope somebody goes to Jail for that.

  • angry cat owner

    Sad. Really Sad. Someone call animal welfare.

  • Taliban

    stupid Americans!

  • Willy Chin

    LOL, poor cat. I’m still laughing because of the stupid song LOL.. poor cat seriously… under the seaaaa

  • paker

    My Bengle has no fear of water and jumps in the shower with me, as long sa it’s not to hot.

  • Rob

    have you ever tried giving a cat a bath? that is a brilliant machine well done.

  • curry

    That terrible and not funny! whom ever things this is funny is sadistic.

  • Ginger

    What an atrocious thing to do to a cat. This sort of cruelty should not be allowed.

  • Darkclear

    The funniest thing I have ever seen.


  • Robb

    Cmon people – its still funny to watch.

    I don’t think its right that people get all up in arms over a wet cat in a controlled environment, yet no one argues when we get to watch reruns of police chases that end in human death on TV.

  • Big John


  • fukpetspa

    sue the bastards, stupid morons

  • tian


  • Steve

    Thats like normal bathing a cat, except there is no human holding the cat down and getting scratched.

    If bathing a cat that hates water is torture, then sure this is torture. But if you accept that cats need to be bathed, this is a great device.

    Plus the results are hilareous. Its water. The cat is fine.

  • Zacc

    LMAO that is hilarious XD

    im a animal rights activist to lol

    im sure theyd do that to a stinky human how they couldnt get to take a bath, he needs to bath somehow 😀

  • minivuvu

    man i can’t watch to see how the cat spa machine works, due to a copyright claim by The Walt Disney Company.

  • Gumby

    This is hilarious. I loved watching it. You people need to loosen up. Alot.

  • erm… I dont think that cat in the last video is the same one that got washed.

    Animal rights activists deserve to be shot.

  • greg

    people doing this need good psychiatrist and first a broken nose.

  • hitzlee

    It isn’t the same cat….
    but please people, if you want to buy a pet of any kind…. take a breack and learn something about this animals before you got them.
    machines are not suposed to be bild to handle are mistakes.

  • PEace

    HAHA… kinda sad though!

  • Nadia

    Stupid people! I cannot believe this! One day or another, people will pay for their bad behaviour whether they like it or not! I hope they will rot in jail. Poor cat or cats as we don’t know how many went through it!

  • luna

    Just to let you all know.. that cat video after the machine is not the same cat in the spa video. It is a completley different cat.

  • Lauri

    It would be sad if it were true. The cat in the washer has white gloves on the front paws and white socks on the back paws and white on its neck and chest, what happened, did the white dissappear because it was so pissed? Propaganda works better if you find a matching cat! Better luck next time.

  • matt

    That was mean. You could also have used a branding iron on him. I though this site was about tech. What is so cutting edge about putting a cat into a box and spraying water?

  • Jon

    Please. Lest people think that is the same cat, it is not. That second video of a cat is from a separate video of a different cat. And how is this cruel to the cat anyhow? They calm down quickly after they are warmed up and have eaten some food and gotten some reassuring touches during the towelling off process. This is a billiant invention and a great service to pet owners who either hate bathing them or have pets that give them a fight to the death match on bath times. Brilliant. Not cruel!

  • Jon

    “TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE”… shut the fuck up!!!

  • Jon

    Cats lick themselves, and their fecal matter… and redistributes it all over their fur. Cats don’t need to be bathed? They wash themselves adequately? What moron started this nonsense about cats and how naturally clean they are anyway? Go visit the website rather than just watch this video started on YouTube and spread all over.

  • mimilala2

    that poor cat will never fully recover from the trauma of that torture device.the barbarians that did that to him are lucky i don’t know who they are or that they’ll never run into me in a dark alley.

  • Mac

    jon,you don’t know shit about the cleanliness of cats. you are not a cat person if you think that machine doesn’t need to be destroyed.people who think like you suck.

  • mimilala2

    jon, don’t swear at people because you’re a cat are wrong.cats don’t need baths. what do you think they are? dogs? and it isn’t a’s an instrument of terror designed for both dogs and cats.

  • mimilala2

    is the cat even still alive or did it die? the one they show after isn’t the same one as you all have pointed out.(also i’m not mimilala2.i’m using her computer so i can put my 2 cents in.the other 2 entries were also me.)i wish i hadn’t seen that video.unfortunately,i’ll never forget it.sometimes the cruelty of the human race can be bottomless.

  • mimilala2

    oops….my bad! upon closer inspection, i realized nobody’s written in here for 2 years.i only saw that video last’s still circulating on other websites.i didn’t know it was so old. it’s still awful though.

  • Anonymous

    Totally stupid!!!!

  • Sam