Toothpick in Microwave

Who would have thought that a simple burning toothpick would have this much effect in a Microwave ? No one is exactly sure what is happening inside the Microwave ? Please, do not try this at home ! : )

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  • net curu

    does anyone know where the other videos by this guy are? I got the other microwave and the one where he blows up a car but thats it

  • matt

    brainiac rocks. i thought id seen all the episodes on sky but this is new. i think il go try it

  • Chris

    this clip is from a show named Braniac on the G4 channel. While they do some cool stuff on this show, do not take waht they do as real science. Their “experiments” lack true scientific controls and are usually inaccurate. However.. seing things blow up is still cool 🙂

  • Val

    I am afraid to try this at home especially with my 2year old son who is not afraid of anything to try on!

  • Q

    you think thats cool try a light bulb. it is plasma. and people do know what goes on inside a microwave. it’s RF waves at about 1.2ghz and 1000 watts in food it excites the water molecules to create heat, which is why meat comes out rubbery. —think people