TOP 10 Future Weapons

Being an anti-war activist I must say that I am not too proud presenting this TOP 10 Weapons list. However, since it is tech oriented and since I am a tech addict, I cannot resist but to show you these pretty interesting weapons of the future. If you know a weapon that should be on this list, let me know.
Check out also the TOP 10 Vehicle Arresting Systems.

1. XM29 to Replace the M16

2. Force Field

3. Corner Shot

4. Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

5. MOAB Bomb

6. Direct Energy Weapons

7. Active Denial System – The Ray-Gun

8. DREAD – Silent Weapon System

9. Metal Storm Sentry Gun – Million rounds per minute

10. Sensor Fused Bombs

How To Build The Perfect Soldier

M.A.V – Micro Air Vehicles


Crusher – Military Robot
Smart Arrow – Spy Weapon
Weapon Undetecrable Under X-Ray Scan
Remote Controlled Insect Army – Pentagon
Sniper, sniper where are you?
Self Driving Tank
Robotic Mule – U.S Army
Thermal Camouflage

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  • i’ve seen all these videos and i believe that metalstorm is the future of war… no moving parts? there couldn’t be any better weapon… and it’s destructive as hell, easy to reload… metalstorm has my bet

  • Bachame

    The last one doesn’t have any sound.

  • MistaPrimeMinista

    It should have sound Bachame but i belive it is because of your flash player. If too many videos are displayed there might be a conflict and no sound.

  • J

    I think the DREAD is the scariest of these machines. No recoil, no sound, no heat….nothing. Only a huge amount of metal flying through the air destroying anything before it knows what happened.

  • LOL

    Direct Energy weapons video was an absolute joke. Laser pointing at eye would not force the gunmen to drop his gun and cooperate, he would most likely fire crazily or fire accidentally, killing hostage AND SWAT.

    Second, putting a electric suit case on a doorway is equivalent to tightening a wire across the doorway or better yet, leaving a banana peel on the floor of the doorway. It is that absurd.

  • Joe

    Great videos on future weapon technology. Check out our site for a bunch more of the newest military technologies.

  • Joe

    Great videos

  • vasy

    je suis tres currieux!il y t-il des armes encore plus conventionnelle!!!!!!!!

  • I heard recently that these weapons hitting the media were really developed in the 80’s, but they are now reaching a deployable level. One can only imagine the stuff in the experimental phase right now!

  • Jay Knight

    I think you might consider the SUPER-CAVITATION TORPEDO. The Russians were the first with it, and they’ve sold them to Iran. This beast can travel underwater (as torpedos do), but at 150 to 200 miles per hour!

    Is there a defense for this thing?

  • all these new weapons have the potential to be a big help in any up coming war but the millitary is gona need to cowardinate their efforts way better than what their doing now.Ive got some ideas of new more destructive weapons and armor that can give the enemy hell. but I have to give it to the corner shot. that fuckn gun rocks!!!

  • dfgfdg

    cool. 8.

  • crackerjack

    yea but wat happens when the enemy gets their hands on this technolgy?

  • w0w thisw new weapons are so great…..this is what i like….hehehehehe

  • so great….i have a question can this web be copied?…cu’z i want to copy it hehehehe…..

  • why the tenth video is not available?….

  • Anonymous

    When I see this videos, i don’t want to know how bad the wars will be in the future.

  • Felix

    When I see this videos, i don’t want to know how bad the wars will be in the future.

    • Direct energy mob is a great weapon for future.

  • why are videos not available

  • gillyhead

    awsome weapons one problem tho, it says the best solders in the world but american are actually some of the worst trained solders in the world…

  • Chun Chun

    I need more information on that Force field
    are there any real articles about it?
    if so can you tell me?
    leave a message on my comment at

  • umakant sharma

    I have seen all these weapons , all are very dengerous . If anybody can stop teir use Please please stop mtheir use.



  • The corner shot isn’t anything like a rocket launcher… it’s a grenade launcher. The main difference is the way the projectile is propelled. A rocket propelled grenade launcher can use the term rocket, because it has a conventional rocket propellant system behind the charge. Note: the picture has no rear exhaust vent for a rocket.

    • rudresh

      i think it should be made possible as far as we deny as we understand so a conclusion must be done.

  • Anonymous

    how many users of large caliber rifle country or even soldiers ???

  • Anonymous


  • victor

    why are,nt thy working

  • peter elevet

    shame on you. How much did you killed already that you are planing for more killing. The designer should be ashamed of him or her self. Try to save humanity not killing them. there is nothing to be proud of if your human. you idiots.

  • Justice

    Well, I think this seems like a good idea with the new weapons. I think that we really need to get rid of some people on this world, we got all these crysis about we’re eating up the world. I wouldn’t say its like exterminating humanity but rather a good way to balance the humanity up with the nature. I’m not crazy, just so you know 😀

  • yeah i was impressed with all this weapons they are awsome but future weapons are harmful for future.

  • sharad

    awsome weapons.ihave seen…thank u.for this collection

  • woooow great weapons………

  • must think of non lethal defence to protect civilizations and reduce the attacking forces to nil in a way so as to ascertain human existencei.e.,for the greater good and track the perpetrators to their places and bang them there as a compliment

  • oku

    its important cous if not we easly difite

  • y are the future weapon are not working at now that the world is or have a war

  • CJ

    The MOAB looks terrifying. do any think that it will really be used at the fiesl . i know some are but what about the others. Anyways those future weapon are very interesting.

  • i think they shud have made a wepon were soldires would not even have tog et involved lieka plain that shots bulets down to the ground with montion sensor bombs 2 wepons in 1 basic consept so it would be like if you move you die so dont crash plains in to our towers. and the war wouldnt have even been to late for that theory but in case of the futer wars. So my thero is there taking it to the people for exp the war would be money wise and ect so i gues war is every were but no one notice is it think about it folks.

  • also help out the bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms what kinbda of people let the people in the streets like some kinda faul animal thats gone bad. i would like to say think.

  • vinayak

    dude you are coooooooool!

  • future weapons mostly harmfull to all because it cause damages to others and for us .weapons not for terrorist to save from terrorist. so handle carefully

  • Anonymous

    this is bad a

  • chaseing

    wow war is going to be somthing els

  • why they use tech to kill, why they dont build tech to save lifes..evil people.

    • toobadoobedue2u2

      John get’s the ring for the right answer. Because we as a species are evil. We are born with it, and unless the creator of the Universe intervenes in your life out of nothing more than mercy, you will stay that way and worse forever.
      I pray things change for you as they did for me.

  • i wish we had those to fight the abu sayaf

  • sr

    Please put the videos avialiable

  • i hope all upcoming future weapon will be reliable …..just a protection…. like in that TERMINATOR movies…[sci-fiction addict]

  • i hope all upcoming future weapons will be reliable ….just a protection …this weapons i like that

  • Anonymous

    i wish u future weapon use to fight aliance…

  • i think people better think twice before messing with America:::::::::::

    • Misty

      And with views like this, is it anyone surprised that Americans are so hated.

      • toobadoobedue2u2

        Yeah Misty, that’s why everyone and their family is trying to get over here. Hated? Yeah, we don’t have the market of idiots, but you’re doing your share to help.
        Try living where Ebola is King. Misty is a female name. Perhaps you’d like Syria, Iraq or any of those places that mutilate your genitals or make you into a baby machine, always walking behind your owner (husband) fully veiled.
        Since it is now 2014 no one take us seriously anymore, because people like yourself voted the most incompetent President ever into office not once, but twice.
        A storm is coming to you Misty. You might want to realize that freedom is not free before you have to find out the hard way.
        This Country with all of it’s faults, is still the best I’ve seen, and I’ve been around the world twice. Once at my own dime and once on yours.
        I spent 29 years fighting for and defending this Country, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d gladly do it. There is a real threat now that you are losing what you take for granted every day. You’re personal freedom.

        • U.S.A is not the best country in the world according to a few studies. It is often voted that Norway, Sweden and even Switzerland are better places to live in. Low cost of education and free healthcare as well as civilized incarceration and social subsidized programs make those countries a much better place to live in. Freedom is relative and U.S.A is certainly not the only country that offers “freedom”. As for the presidents, the current one has better ratings within his own country and in the world compared to the previous president so I think democracy has spoken on that subject again.

          • pi2r2

            ‘Democracy’ speaks with forked tongue in the last two elections, proving that corruption and ignorance can thoroughly corrupt and thoroughly ignore.

  • Metal Storm Sentry Gun – Million rounds per minute now that is future weapon.

  • michael kariuki

    thy shld donate a MOAB to th kenyan defence forces fighti al shabab in somali n thy il al surender

  • ldfoot

    If we are so advanced then why must we improve on killing & not use this technology to advance,improve the world for the better?? The stuff is very cool.amazing even. But its seems primitive to kill,destroy.. Arnt we better than that?

    • Sdf

       Why do you keep pretending we are enlightened species. If you want peace, you better ready for war.

    • glacia

      We’re human. We’re primitive (yes, including you).

    • blahblahblah

      It’s not primitive to defend yourself from attackers or to plan ahead for wars with future aggressors. We always view ourselves as war mongers when we develop weapons, but in truth the best way to keep peace is through wisdom and superior fire power.

    • toobadoobedue2u2

      No we’re not. We are born into a fallen world, and we have inherited the state of being fallen from grace from our original parents, Adam and Eve.
      Bible hooee? Iceland just concluded a dna test that lasted for many years where they were able to prove that humans all come from the same two people that are mentioned in the Bible.
      We are in many ways more backwards than our great grand parents were.
      Try taking a fifth grade test from 1895 to see how smart you think you really are. How much we’ve improved the quality of our lives since then. The same bad stuff back then exists in the hearts of all of us today. The difference is that people were more literate then than today.
      When I had my eldest child in elementary school (Circa 1985) I called and spoke with her teacher and asked why she didn’t mark off for spelling mistakes.
      “We isn’t worried about spelling. We want yer child to know how to socialize.”
      Thus our scientific rewards are created by machines and an ever growing number of young one’s who can run them, but couldn’t tell you the difference between Capitalism and The Riviera Beach.

  • bob

    whoever is desiging these are fools. why must we kill off everyone who doesn’t agree with us? everyone has their own opinion. we should not be working on weapons we should be working to help each other.

    • Lee

      So you would’t have killed Hitler if he didn’t kill himself?

  • mwnciboo

    Er you posted this in 2012, most of this kit is old e.g not modern/ future. Infact some of this kit is ancient, quick indicator if it’s an uploaded VHS promotional video on Youtube then it was made 10 years ago.

  • awsum

    at #6 directed energy weapons- who abbreviates a program PMS :/

    • Greg

      Someone you wants to instill fear into the heart of any male soldier going up against the PMS system. I know when I hear PMS mentioned, I run, very fast & for a very long time lol

  • luka

    We used this woapons to protect ourselfes not for the killing art

  • What’s the point

    My god!?! Can anyone here spell? Is this a children’s blog? Can everyone please gather in one spot for a demonstration of these weapons? Also, does anyone have the ability to realize that through modern democracies, military strength and capitalism the world is actually more stable now than ever before? You are all aware that European borders and the worlds countries have always been in a state of flux pre WWII, right? It is through the prosperity of capitalism and the threat of going to war with another trading partner that war is avoided? I don’t know where to start to explain to anyone here that war is not an evil force but a continual state of human existence that is not to “kill” people who don’t agree with us, rather a means to end those who threaten us and others. *sigh* (over your heads)

    • Tommyjames

      Sanity at last, problem is people can’t get beyond their irrational emotions to think clearly 🙁

  • jomz


  • soglob

    the dread didn’t say anything about how it works.

  • dinesh

    i liked the first one because of its design

  • dana matherson

    why’s the background all black?

    • Dana, what do you mean? Background of this webpage or video?

      • pi2r2

        Or is it the dark tone of this thread?

  • dana matherson


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