The Truth About Mental Diseases

Many of us believe that we suffer from a mental disease one day or another in our lives. We question ourselves, wonder if we are crazy or not, are we normal, do we need a psychiatrist. It turns out that a psychiatrist might not have the answer for you after all. VIDEO->

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  • This smells very much like some scientology type of propaganda…

    People with psychiatric diceases have imbalances in their brains. For example a certain zone of the brain’s neurons may fire too often and medication supresses this. Or they may have a dysfunction in the brain’s structure, making them bipolar. It’s about the structure and the working of the brain, not about some chemical imbalance.

    Now about the non-curable part: AIDS is not curable..When aids is found in your body, do doctors simply say “ok, you’re going to die. bye bye!” ? No, they don’t…they give you medication. Why, then? Because while the medication doesn’t cure you, it does supress the symptoms of the ilness or slows the dicease, allowing you to live say 20 years with aids instead of 2 before you die. It’s the same for mental ilnesses. Take ADHD for example. It can’t be cured. But you can take medication which relaxed you and surpresses it, so you can have a more or less normal life.

    I could go on and on, but I think this will suffice.
    In short: I think the video is very, very short-sighted

  • They ask who benefits? The patient benefits truly they do. Without help many would not be able to function in life at all. Some are legitimately dangerous to us and we need people to determine this rather than throwing them in a cell. If you have read anything from Clifford Beers you would know that this field of medicine is needed. The reason why their are no tests and no cures is merely do to lack of information. You must understand we know so little about the brain.