Uncrackable Passwords

Apperently if you were to use Alt characters in your passwords, it would be virtually uncrackable with today’s password cracking tools. I have no idea if this statement is true but it does kind of make sense since most password crackers use only numbers and letters with no symbols. Just hold ALT + ”character #” to display the symbols. Complete list ->

Via Combobulate


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  • fibo

    My firm works with the Forensics teams and although this would make the password cracking software take a little longer, it would not stop it. Most commertial software has options to take special characters into account…

  • Thank you for your comment.
    Its good to know !

  • jason


  • abc

    does not work?

    some propblems!!! How to fix these problem?

  • Duzzy

    Also, you should only attempt if you plan on using the same computer or system every time, different versions of computers have different Alt values