Water Fuel – HHO Gas


This amazing video is showing us the power of water through hho gas. Previously unknown under this form and is ready to amaze more than one of us. VIDEOS->
Post EDIT: Many of you have asked me how and where did I get instructions on installing an HHO generator (also called hho fuel cell). I am not allowed to distribute the instructions since I have no copyright over them.
I got my first instructions at Run Your Car On Water.
I also posted “world’s smallest hho generator” that can illustrate really well how an hho generator works.

If you are interested on specific blue prints and plans on how to build your own hho fuel cell, the best plans can be found at HHO Push.

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  • John

    HHO is called “Browns Gas” cause it was discovered by Yuri Brown in the 70’s. And this guy is using a 220V outlet to make this, it consumes far more electricity than the gas creates by burning it.

  • Good to know !

  • John

    Ok, so I meant Yull Brown and not Yuri. Thanks to my friend who pointed that out for me. And I also meant to say that it consumes more energy in the electricity it takes to seperate the water than you can get from HHO burning it. TANSTAAFL

  • Ken

    That does not really matter if it is less efficient and burns more energy — electricity is a renewable resource, whereas natural gas is not.

  • 3Horn

    Ken, what do you think we use to make most of our electricity?

  • John

    Except that most of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels….

  • Toby

    That May be True John, but you also have to remember that there are developing technologies in producing electricity, including more powerful forms of solar cells and Fusion reactors.

    Also remember we already have Fission reactors in some parts of the world (Nuclear Power Plants)

    the point isn’t that we will still burn Fossil Fuel, the point is that we will burn less.
    We do use fossil fuel to generate electricity, but cars consume the bulk of fossil fuel, not coal, or gas power plants

  • John

    Actually we use slightly more fossil fuels for electricity than transportation. Also we get more energy from fossil fuels than we use up producing them. There wont be an alternative fuel of the future that creates less energy than it takes to harvest, simply because we’d work ourselves into a hole.

  • don

    In the second clip, at 1:32, it shows a ‘water’ molecule. I think it looks a little strange, don’t you? I hope that the person who made this clip isn’t the one developing this fuel.

  • Travis Adkin

    People are so, ready to dissmiss a different idea. I want more imformation like what amount of energy is required comparative to the quantity of HHO gas produced then how much is generated by the combustion of this fuel. Modern powerplants (like hydroelectric) have hours where they generate surplus energy this could be converted to HHO. The transmission of power over great distances requires a great deal of energy the stored fuel could be shipped under it’s own power saving a great deal of resources. Also seasonal power needs change so, an energy bank of HHO could reduce the need to build more and larger powerplants. The energy from the sun manifests itself in solar, wind, plant and wave energy with a safe storage method we could transport energy from places like the deserts to populated centers. Remember fossils may be relatively cheap but, soon there true destructive costs may all to evident. I believe HHO may be added to fossil fuels and assists in creating a higher burn rate thus further reducing pollution and help to get more from the fuels we are already using.

  • Tom

    Travis has a really good point. Using hydoelectric plants to produce HHO could work pretty well.

  • milkbox

    you could always use the flame to burn metals as a heat source for steam powered stuff again haha..

  • Eli

    I wanted to post some background information I was able to gather from various sources for others to use for additional research.

    I want to premise this by saying that there are more skeptics than believers in this technology. I remain neutral on the subject until I see an article in a Large Publication Such as Nature. There is a publication on the subject in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Here is a little compilation of information I created for Wikipedia, before it was deleted due to the belief that this is actually a hoax. I dont claim to know whether it is or is not a hoax, I am only able to confirm the existance of A GAS created by Hydrogen Technology Applications INC. And that the device which produces the gas is Patented with the US Patent Office.

    Aquygen is the commercial trademark name of a gas which is claimed to be made from ordinary water through a patented electrolysis process. Aquygen which is also known as HHO Gas, or Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen Gas was created by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida. Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen (HHO) may be used to replace oxyacetylene for most welding and cutting applications. HHO Gas may be able to be used as a primary fuel source or a fuel additive for gasoline, diesel and aircraft turbine engines. HHO gas is produced using a generator known as the H2O 1500 which is also manufactured by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.

    == Properties ==

    According to HTA Inc., there are many unique and unusual properties that HHO Gas possesses. Below is a list of some of the unique properties claimed by the researchers of HTA Inc.

    *HHO Gas proves to be odorless, colorless and lighter than air.
    *HHO has a number of distinct features that distinguish it from water vapor, Brown gas and other variants. [http://hytechapps.com/aquygen/science
    *In the production of HHO Gas, there is no evaporation process at all, the electric energy used being insufficient for evaporation. This feature alone establishes that the H2O Model 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator produces a new form of water that is gaseous and combustible.
    *HHO Gas exhibits a widely varying energy content in BTU, ranging from a relatively cold flame (259°F) in open air to large releases of thermal energy, depending on its use. This is unique to HHO Gas, as all other known fuels have a fixed value of energy content in BTU/scf.
    *The variable character of the energy content of HHO Gas is evidence that the gas has a unique structure with a chemical composition including bonds beyond those of valence type.
    *HHO Gas does not follow the fundamental PVT law for gases.
    *HHO Gas demonstrates an anomalous adhesion to gases, liquids and solids. HHO Gas bonds to gaseous fuels (such as natural gas, magnegas fuel, and others) and liquid fuels (such as diesel, gasoline, liquid petroleum, and others.
    *HHO Gas instantaneously melts tungsten, bricks, and other highly refractive substances. In particular, measurements have established the remarkable capability of combusted Aquygen™ Gas to instantaneously reach temperatures over 10,000° F, under which virtually all substances on Earth can be sublimated.
    *The measurements reported by [[Ruggero Maria Santilli]] suggest the existence in the HHO gas in stable clusters composed of H and O atoms, their dimers H–O, and their molecules H2, O2 and H2O. According to Santilli, these atomic and molecular bonds cannot entirely be of valence type.
    *Santilli describes the creation of the gaseous and combustible HHO from distilled water at atmospheric temperature and pressure via a process structurally different than evaporation or separation, which suggests the existence of a new form of water.
    *HHO is described to have the structure (H×H)–O where “×” represents the new magnecular bond and “-” the conventional molecular bond. The transition from the conventional H–O–H configuration to the new (H×H)–O species is explained as being a change of the electric polarization of water caused by the electrolyzer.

    == Controversy ==

    There is much controversy over the nature of HHO Gas. Many within the scientific community believe that such a gas is a scientific impossibility, or is highly unlikely. Some claim that such a revolutionary gas is nothing more than Pseudoscience or Free Energy Fantasy. There are some who believe that this “new” gas may in fact be old technology being touted as new technology. However further research into the properties of HHO Gas is currently being conducted, and the results may either confirm the findings or to prove that the findings are either inaccurate, or a hoax. The company has asked for independent research into the properties of HHO Gas, but it is not known if any such research has been conducted. Dispite the skepticism, the makers of Aquygen claim that they have engineered new electrolysis technology which turns distilled water H2O into a new and novel gas which has many unique characteristics. They claim that HHO gas is an Oxygen and Hydrogen hybrid known as a “magnecule” in a structure which has yet to be understood. These claims have not yet been verified through multiple independent research studies, however Ruggero Maria Santilli of the Institute for Basic Research has published the results of their original findings in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

    == News Coverage ==

    The news media has done several stories on HHO Gas. The technology has been featured on CNN, FOX News, and NBC. According to the media the HHO technology is being shown to members of Congress, local government officials, and even NASA. An exhibit demonstrating the technology was displayed at The 2004 Governor’s Conference on the Environment in Kentucky. According to the press release by the Governor’s Conference on the Environment in Kentucky, Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. has donated several HHO gas generators to Kentucky universities and technical training centers during its introduction program.

    == Sources ==

    A new gaseous and combustible form of water

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
    Volume 31, Issue 9 , August 2006, Pages 1113-1128

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy- Full Article

    Structure and Combustion of Magnegases

    Authors: R. M. Santilli, A. K. Aringazin

    United States Patent# 6,689,259 Klein; Dennis

    United States Patent# 6,866,756 Klein; Dennis

    Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet

    YouTube- FOX 26 News Report

    WAVE Channel 3 News (1)

    WAVE Channel 3 News (2)

    Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. – Press Releases

    Hydrohen Technology Applications Inc. – Science of Aquygen

  • poolman09

    guys stop entering such freekin huge entries plz!!! geez i can hardly get down to the bottom of the page….

  • Lou

    The inventor of the process claims his machine runs at 0.70 cents an hour to opperate, while he can run his car 100 miles on just 4 ounces of water…. Now, is that a bad deal?

    He’s already building a Hummer for the military which will run in water, and is in negotiations with a US automaker to develop the system for mass production.

  • Drew

    I predict he will be getting a message from oil companies. This message will come in the form of 5.56 x 45.

  • Bill

    5.56 and .45 hey… wait, aren’t those bullet caliburs? I don’t think the oil companies are too worried – it’s nonsense for vehicles. Hydrogen atoms are small and difficult to store – if they leak out, there goes your money… one of the problems facing the “hydrogen economy”.

  • David

    This is not regular hydrogen guys its a new gas that’s very safe and it’s made on demand in your car as you drive. It removes rust from carbon steel and leaves the surface completely stainless. He already has a lawnmower that runs exclusively on water. Revolutionary is the word that comes to mind

  • IIIINm

    Why people are always negative denying facts and truth, this leading to destroy them themselves and there kids, family living themselves with no future, ask your selves for how long we using fossil fuel, what’s the result destroying our home Earth.
    Now we are Lucky that some good people discovered a perfect way to protect our home Earth,without loosing our way of travailing machine, so what delaying us to use this new tech.HHO Before is to late from destroy completely our home Earth with no return.
    This technology has been used by US military for long time saving them selves lots of money, I thing you people awake up and ask the authorities to let us use it, for the sake of our kids. Pollution giving us lots of deformation in our body sickness and lots and lots of other problems if I tell you how many you will be wandering for years!!!

  • LC

    Except that most of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels….

    By John on 05.18.06 11:43 am

    hey, genius
    where do u get yer facts?
    hydropower supplys most of our nations electricity source
    + it said it got 100miles to 4oz. of HHO
    what calculator r u usin 2 conclude it costs more 2 produce
    dude, y u soooo negative bout HHO?
    does yer fam own fossil fuel plants?
    does water scare u? can u swim? do u bathe even, Stinky?

  • Cheex

    Any updates on HHO? has any of the leading car makers agreed to use this? what about that hummer was it ever built and will we ever see it when it is?

  • poolman09

    guys ur doin it again…

  • stop being jealous poolman. read. be smart.

  • Anyone know of any comercial applications on the market. Can you buy one of these ‘metal cutters’ anywhere? I love the concept but I am dubious. I’ve always been told it takes more enervy to split water than you get from joining it back together (burning it). I agree that we need clean technologies like this an encourage everyone to help promote / investivate this.

  • charlie

    If you download videos on the joe cell, especailly the BNE (byron new energy) video, you will see that the joe cell produces browns gas at a fraction of the power required. Though they make references to “orgone” it is really static elecectricity. The static is held because the whole thing operates like a leyden jar. total genius!

  • charlie

    browns gas does not burn you or boil water probably because it is hydrogen based… also the power recommended to run a joe cell is 12 @ 1 amp, and this is sufficient to run a car. The exhaust (water) flows back down the pipe from which the fuel came, giving it the appearance that the fuel is not consumed.

  • charlie

    if you got a browns gas blow torch i dont think you should aim at your self because thats concentrated…

  • Fred

    If HHO is currently a true value, then where is the product, backed by cash refund availiable in a reputable bank. I’m a guy that will try it, but you will give my money back if it does not give the results you claim. So bring
    it on. The world needs a break!!!!!!!!!
    Money will not save us!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrHyde

    I would not be so quick to get skeptical of the skeptics here. What the claim is sounds fake to begin with. Name one process that runs at greater than 100% energy efficiency. Most of what we use in our “modern” world have yet to crack 60%. You just can’t take a small summ of electricity to transform water into something that somehow magically produce manny times more power when it reverts back to it’s original form. Also, the claim is that it costs just cents an hour to opperate… so that means it does’nt need much electricity. Then why does it need to run on 220? When was the last time you seen a night lite that needed 220? Yes, it’s cool that electricity can be stored in the form of this HHO (possibly to be used to mix into auto fuels – if it’s not a load of bunk to begin with) but still most of this power will come from coal. This claim that the majority of the us power comes from reknewable??????? Try 10%. The vast majority is good o’l aincient plant’n’animal stew. So far it’s still really hard to not discount this as being just like those goofy plastic “vortex” peices you stuff into the intake of your car that claim miraculous increase in mileage. And besides, if this was real it would have hit the national news something like this: FREE ENERGY DISCOVERED!

  • Stephen

    John’s initial statement is flawed, because, after making the HHO gas, it is NOT used to make electricity. John also didn’t hear that, even though it takes some electricity to make the HHO, it is still less expensive to make the HHO than it is to produce oxy-acetylene. Finally, even if it cost $1.00 per hour to produce the HHO gas, you get 25-30% more billable work out of the person using the HHO; so I spend a dollar making the gas but I get $50.00 more income in that hour. Sounds like a winner to me!

  • Stephen

    Well, one source of “free” electricity is off the alternator in your car, when it is not powering lights, stereo, A/C or charging the battery. So, who cares about the electricity it takes to make the HHO the car is going to run on, as long as the alternator is capable of producing the required amount.

  • Farmer

    For all you sceptics out there, this is real and has so many benefits. If you dont beleive it, you can build one of your own with the plans at eagle reaserch. I have the plans and will build it within the years end. (for about 1000.00 dollars US.)The applications for this are endless. It is not free energy. It costs about 77 cents an hour to run however the return on this investment is enormous.

  • Jmassane

    Guys, it’s fake.

    I’ve read the paper in Hydrogen Energy and he doesn’t present any convincing evidence to prove that he’s doing anything more than electrolysing water.

    I am also unaware of any peer reviewed authentication of his claim that “HHO” gas is not just some mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, exactly what you would expect from hydrolysis.

    Even if his claim was true his process cannot violate basic physics i.e. his process cannot create energy. If that was the case he would have invented the perpetual motion machine. Any such conversion process needs more energy than it produces.

  • Keith

    I have read a great deal on this and if I understand it correctly, Mr. Klein has not just created another hydrolysis process that produces Brown’s gas but has actually created sort of an isomer of the normal water molecule. Usually the 2 Hydrogen molecules are at specific angles from each other as they are bound to the oxygen (approx. the same angle as Mickey’s ears are to his head as it turns out.) Klein claims to have created a “magnecular” bond between the 2 H’s such that the two H’s are forced close to one another in a stable form such that the bonds from the O to the H’s are parallel to each other rather than at an angle. From the name “magnecular bond” I can only assume that he has discovered a mechanism for converting the potential energy found in very strong magnets to another form of potential energy (HHO gas) that can be easily converted to thermal and then mechanical energy via burning. Also, if the “special” properties of this gas are as described, then the flame reaches a temperature hot enough to melt whatever substrate it comes in contact with. If this is true then it truly will be a whole new branch of physical chemistry. Also the heat given off from molten Tungsten should be more than enough to produce the energy required to run the machine…although you won’t find this claim at there site for whatever reason. You can chalk it up to conspiracy theory or whatever…but it seems that they are trying to tell us this w/out actually saying it.

  • Mark Galloway

    I am planning to put up four micro wind generators on my property. I want to play with HHO with my excess electricity. I feel that if I can create more electricity than I use, I can find electricity based alternatives to some of the other fuels I use. It may be naive, but that is my thought.

  • anonymous

    I can’t agree to that. A popping sound is made when H2 reacts very vigorously with O2. Furthermore, if you were to force molecules to go that way, that’s impossible. HxH? All forced ions and molecules are unstable.

  • anonymous

    Sorry for double post, but isn’t it strange to use 220 volt power supply? That’s an enormous amount of energy you’re gonna supply, plus, if he said that HHO is water fuel, how come he never tried this: build a generator purely on water as fuel. It is a scientific impossibility, creating energy, unless you’re God.

  • Isaac

    Basic physics dictates that you cannot create energy out of nothing. nothing is 100% or more efficient. To break the water down into HHO or browns gas or whatever, must be taking more energy than you get back from burning it again. If we all had solar etc. on our garage to make the HHO, then maybe it has an application. Question is, is this process a more efficient store than your bog standard battery? My guess is no, otherwise we would be using it.

  • Justin

    Keith you said you have read a great deal on this. Where did you get your reading material?


    For those who can’t seem to get over the 220 volts thing all you have to do is go to Australia and look at there energy system where every day electronics run on 220v. Just throw up a windmill if your worried about the power consumption. It will pay for itself quiclky.

  • Will

    Ya so what if he’s using 220volt outlet, maybe it makes it easyer to step up. All that matters is the current that is being used. Although it does sound like its getting somthing for nothing, but we’ve seen in the past when somthing appers to violate a phyisical law its may just be an illusion and work mathmatically. But what do I know- nothing, sound too got to be true, hope it is. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  • ok guys, im tired of all these long ass posts. I dont know if you are, but its annoying. Well, anyway; personally i dont give a crap whether this works or not, because of these goddamed chemtrails and global warming and glaciers melting, it could be a start to a better and brighter future. If not though, we still have normal hydrogen and ethenol to use

  • SweNick

    Farmer, I cant find the schematics yore talkin about at http://www.eagle-research.com/index.html

    Justin, there’s a big post somewhere in the middle by Eli, with exellent links. One does not work, but do as they say and don’t hesitate and they’ll mail it within minutes.

    I must have missed the claim that it is more than 100% effective.. ???

    Perhaps it is a hoax, 220V is very convenient for the european market and trying to get a $7000 refound from abroad is difficult.

    However it is very interesting, as it does focus some of us on the research. Undoubtedly at the cost of time and for some, face.

    For those of us that have access to scientific apparatus to analyse the isomer, samples sound yummy!

    Best Of Luck y’all!!!
    Peace and Love _Nick.

  • Trumbone

    I’m sorry guys but from many of the videos you can plainly see that this gas is giving off an extraordinarily large amount of BTUS when it lights up Tungston… lets just say if we put that kinda heat into a high presure steam boiler you could generate huge amounts of heat for a house or even splice in a turbine and make huge ammounts of current that could easily put out more then 7$ a day.

  • mike ware

    Gentlemen, don’t get hung up on this 120v or 220v thing. The gas generator that is offered for lease, rent, or out right purchase is used for the most part in an industrial setting for metal cutting. These are marketed as a better alternative to oxy-acetylene. The common power outlet on the wall is rated a 120volts @ 15 amps. You can also find 120volt / 20 amp outlets that look like almost like the standard wall outlet. The catch is that they usually cost about 50 to 60% more.

    With that said, your wife’s hair dryer draws 1350 watts of power, or… at 120volts, thats 11.25 amps. The same unit that consumes 1350 watts at 220volts would only draw 6.6 amps. I would suggest that the current draw for the gas generator uses enough power that the normal 15 or 20 amp circuit that is common would not support the power requirement needed. With current and voltage being inversely proportional, at 220 volts the normal branch circuit that would support 30 amps or so, would fit into the range of operating cost per hr as stated in the info that I read on their web site. With power at 10 to 12 cents per kilowatt hour this would yield an operational cost of 50 to 60 cents per hour.

  • phil

    $.70 an hour, $.25 an hour, it’s irrelevant if we don’t know how many hours it takes to make an ounce.

  • phil

    A cars alternater isn’t producing wasted electricity. The heavier the amp draw, the more horsepower required to turn it.

  • Filippo

    I think that Brown’s gas could be useful for the new society that is growing up. I’m thinking to buy a generator and with the collaboration of several persons I wish to try to think to a new observational theory for industrial apply. Can you help me to buy a Brown’s generator? Thank

  • fixit4u

    Do all of you experts that say this can not be based on your knowledge of the science think that we know all there is to know about this subject. Based on the negative comments you would think that all there is to be discovered has already been discovered.

  • Dan

    Ok I know I’m not the smartest guy in the world so I have some questions.
    1) why does it have to be cheaper to run than anything else?
    2) What is the cost of wind?
    3) Isnt it a leap to go from another source of power all the way to perp. motion? Who claimed it would be perp motion?
    So back to the cost thing. Knowing full well that prices change who can say 70 cents per hour to produce the gas is good or bad? But seems to me God has come up with some ideas like wind, solar and hydro, or is someone carrying the water up the hill, or buring a giant candle or are some of the people here responsible for blowing that hot air that run our turbines?

  • Aonny

    We have a very limited view of solar power. The sun is up there at all times. The main expense is puting solar panels in orbit, then send the energy down, with microwaves, to collecter points on earth. Main cost is the setup! No pollution!

  • I find it so amusing that ignorant people in todays society manage to somehow survive for so long. All these skeptics continue to ask the same questions:”How much gas does it produce?”, “Why does it use 220volts?”, etc.,etc. If these people would just listen and/or read the information that this company provides, better yet do some investigative research on the subject before being so close minded to possibly new technology. Then we, the human race, may actually be able to move forward as a whole, rather than the proverbial pissing contest to find out who is right and who is wrong.

  • bob

    Well, why not this, they use the electrolysis machine to make the fuel, then burn the fuel which then turns into water again, then re-harvest the water and reconvert it then re burn it. very little fuel required saving money that way. you could also boil water for steam turbines creating it power.

  • markg

    Wow, 60 cents per hour, if hooked up to your car it would only use a penney per mile if you were to use batteries alone and charge them by power grid, factor in the car’s alternator and the car could drive on only water and no external electric but even if the alternator can’t keep up who cares for 60 cents an hour car another battery and charge it.

  • pratap

    Strange though this company claims to have filed 39 claims , I cant even find a single one on the US patents site ?????

  • Simon M.

    I wonder if the device is based on the Joe cell or Stan Meyers electrolyser. These technologies are probably in the public domain and would make it very difficult for anyone to profit off of them.

  • Late-R

    —> Pratap.

    Here are two patents currently registered at the patent office regarding HHO technology. All you really need to do is search.

    PATENT 1

    PATENT 2

    Also, a big FYI to all those critics out there. I purchased a HHO generator for my body shop directly from the supplier. It burns like they say and is the hottest, cleanest flame we have ever used.

    I can touch the flame base and not get burned, yet when I turn it to steel, it cuts like butter.

    If this is simple electrolysis, then I missed something in science class.

    Will the automakers pick this up? Probably not. Look what happened to Tucker in the 50s. Big oil is big money – the biggest. It’s going to take us building the vehicles ourselves to get the world to wake up and follow.

    Just because its new, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. In the late 1800s, the U.S. Patent Office issued a statement that “everything that can be invented, has been invented”. You gotta laugh at ignorance.

    Enjoy the thread.

  • Bait

    I think that this is a great technology and that it has great potential. Now what I would like to know is after the electrolysis process, are they running the molecules through a magnetic field to produce this HHO or what is prohibiting the molecules to form back into H2O before the actual combustion?

  • dark

    By MrHyde on 10.17.06 9:47 am

    Hey smarty pants…does 220 run in cars? If he was able to run a car off of it, does it truly consume that much energy? I thought it was 12 volts…..

  • jeremy16

    Nobody said it creats endless energy! who brought that up? 220 volts isnt allot of energy! just walking on carpet I generate 50,000+ volts, its amps that matter you idiots! two ethonol is a stupid idea, to make it we need to import more natural gas, thus making the whole point pointless. nuklear is the way to go, name one accident that caused a death with out chernobyl-in soviet russia (allot different from most of the world)? Three mile island? the people surrounding it were more likly to develope cancers of different sorts. They were never exposed to any radiation, no one was. they just stressed out about it

  • Rod Murray

    Concidering the current state of stupidity in the middle east when a sneeze in Iran causes oil prices to go up, can the western world (read governments and populace) afford to allow nations whose current greatest educated are clerics to control their economies? The short and final answer has to be NO!!! Additionally this harbingers the actual ability to do something positive apropos greenhouse gases instead of just talking about it. We are running out of oil and need to do something about replacing it as an energy source. Just think, every vehicle out there could be retrofitted with this technology even if the Automobile manufacturers don’t install it as OEM. I fervantly hope this is not a whim of someones imagination!!!
    Rod Murray

  • Actually, it runs best around 2 VDC.
    The reason you skeptics have ‘heard’ that this is impossible is because it cannot be regulated like fossil fuels can be and have been.
    Arthur C Clark said it best when referreing to how scientists approach new ideas:
    1) “It’s nonsense,”
    2) “It is not important,”
    3) “I always said it was a good idea,” and
    4) “I thought of it first.”

  • Brownlee

    At this point, the main focus of the discussion about this new technology is on the origin of the electricity to power this machine. A thing to remember is that yes, it takes energy to generate the gas but it is shown as a safer and cheaper way to weld. This product does not have to replace all others, but can be an alternative choice. But don’t count it out as a viable fuel for vehicles because it has the possibility of being developed more fully. This is a prototype, the first combustion engines were thought to be too dangerous but look around now.

    As a side note, could someone please find the molecular formula and is HHO a name for the gas or a acronym?

  • bob wandras jr

    I tried many times to make an engine run on hho and explosion every time. now I duplicated the torch successivly, but the engines back fire and my reactor explodes. now I live in a city where explosions are not a good thing. real close but had to put it on a back shelf.

  • aparodox

    OK So I think I’ve done my research on this thing, there are a lot of people complaining about the energy required

    Ill clear that up first,
    A car battery generates 12-14.5 V but your spark plugs run at an amazing 20000-50000V some use more-the increase is due to the coil so I don’t think the volts are a problem

    Depending on type of battery and the condition, how new it is, the battery can put out between 5 and 250 AMP HOURS, the average battery today has a CCA AMP of 500/the AMPS needed to start a car in the cold, THORETICALLY the battery can provide up to 2000 AMPS but I would only recommend this if you want to get rid of a perfectly good battery.

    So basically the battery can start the HHO machine

    1)Can the alternator keep up with it as well of the rest of the cars features?

    2)Can the battery start the car and the machine at the same time-with your AC and all the other stuff running or will that be too big of a draw on the battery?

    3)When u turn off your car will the HHO/FUEL mixture solidify back to a liquid in your exhaust pipe and cause internal rusting if the vehicle is not used for say 2 months?

    4)I understand that the system in the car runs off suction but how much hose can you use between the electrolyses machine and the piston before the unstable HHO will turn back into water?

    5)Is this different than the ‘SUPER GAS’ that BROWN talked about?


    Since I’m on the topic-why haven’t we found a way to harvest the magnificent power a lightning bolt generated…..we’ve got lightning rods-so I know we can catch it-SOME ONES GOT TO FIND OUT HOW TO TAME THAT BEAST.

    And as for nuclear energy america thought it was a bad idea when it came out while other countries built many power plants-now where just like, crap, we should have went with nuclear energy…..o well they take too long to build, with our government it would take 15 years minimal to get one functional so basically were putting our eggs in the wind.



  • Amazing, something taught in middle school was just patent in 2005.. Science teachers demonstrated this for years and only now someone puts a patent on it. I have one comment. That’s stranger then fiction!

  • cynnrch

    heres the deal if you burn hydrogen with an oxygen caytalist the energy stored in the hydrogen is far greater then the energy that would be used to separate the molicules there for you would gain more in return then what you supply (which is not really true being you are using the abundant sorce waterand converting it to an energy
    producing source hydrogen)the feeling
    is that most people are sceptic about this is due to the mass feeling that you cant get anything for free if in fact he found away to change the molecular bound of an h2o to an hho then the possiblitys are endless and yes it is very possible at one time cavemen were afraid of fire but heres the real question if this was released what would be the out come lets say over 100,000 plus jobs lost over night why you ask if your not burning gas you wouldnt need a place to stop and get it and thats only the icing on the cake a little tidbit for ya when plastic was discovered it was made in its hardest form during the hight of the steel mill erea it was found if it would have been released in full to the public it would destroy our econmy so it was released over time to allow for econmy to adjust to the change to this day we still have not seen the hardest form of plastic intruduced for public use fact or fiction any thing is possible

    p.s if i thought spelling and grammer made my point any better i would use it

  • Dennis Fisher

    I have been a science faddist for my entire 68 years and am very excited about your work. I tried to sign up for your news letter but was rejected due to my Central Americas address.Please sign me up if possible. This is a hot idea.


  • Bob

    Yes ser, Keep paying that $3.00 per gallon! Don’t look for it to come down

  • Dave

    Who can’t find Bush-Wacked solution? If you peddle an auto alternator to get gas? The “conversion” lets you use it in other alternative ways? Heat house, run car, cook?..it’s all good !

  • craig77

    why no posts since June? Is it dead?

  • comustionjunkiekeiley

    i have only read a litle of the posting on this site, some are intelligent, others are not.i will not sit here and act like i know everyhing but i do have an extensiveknowedge base.
    degree in powerplants, yes
    4 years as a crtifie smog tech for the state of california, yes
    extensive eduations in alternative fuels, yes
    living in and from an environmentally friendly area, yes
    first things first power plants polute less than automobiles, both of which we depend on to survive. HHO fuel will basically elliinate crbon emssions, which are the enemy, c0 smog would be the formation of hc (raw unburned gasoline)and nox( formed during combustion temps above 2500 degrees f) while in direct sunlight. there are 3 comustable elements found in nature, these are sulpher (acid rain) carbon (carbon monoxide) and hydrogen (water). now i must ask you, which would you inject into your kids bodies?
    heh water please! there are many viable options for alternative fuels ethanol, is great, for H.P. it does run great if your car is made for it. there are very low emissions, but like the electric cars, auto makers are reluctant to produce said vehicles.this only due to producers of oil. now if government, auto makers and oil company’s were all on the same page our world would be completely different. hydrogen, in its safest form is what the world needs(water). there are even plants that emitt hydrogen, used to power a power plant. the dirty hisory of gasoiline, often dumped into rivers initially. then came the gas engine, still today, it is the last process in an oil refinery,deisel being the first. next comes kerosene butane and the like. the excess is sent of to get cracked, just to make more gas. that is right, the oil companies go the extra mile to reach into your pocket. how does that feel?

    at this point in this long winded posting i will talk about the chemistry and compare gas, ethanol, and HHO unbiasedly.

    gas(HC) +02 this is what you can get
    HC+NOX = smog BAD!
    H2O good 🙂
    CO BAD!
    CO2 green house gas by E.P.A.
    OS good:) i like to breath this
    also there have been links between HC’s and asthma. following will be emissions readings from actually vehicles.

    we start with 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen (air) mixed in the combusion chamber with (HC) one part hydrogen and carbon at a ratio of 14.7 parts air and 1 part(hc) or fuel.this is vehicle operating properly.

    co2 13-15%
    co less than .05%
    hc less than 20ppm
    nox under normal driving, 200 ppm
    h2o 1 gal/ 1 gal of gas

    so we have unleashed co2
    and taken gas and turned it to water(good)but we have alot of smog causing nox added

    now here is are bad running engines with prolems.

    HC in excess of 20,000 ppm
    NOX in excess of 5,000 ppm
    CO in excess of 5.00%

    ethanol is a little better
    the co2 levels are lower
    co is not existant
    HC is gone
    but there is a chence for nox still right? not so much. this is due to less rapid comustion temps, yet still more efficient than gasoline.

    i do like the sound of that, why dont we look into that you say? mostly due to politics, and inconvenience. darn us lazy americans!

    so now we hear about HHO, what is it and how do we do it? its simply 2 water particles minus about 3 oxygen parts. what wait where did the oygen go? what does it mater? its harmless. unless, they have formed 03, or ozone,we dont like that. anyone want an ozone shot?
    so there might be a theory for another day. this is what you could expect from the combustion of 02 and HHO.

    02 yay! i like that stuff
    h2o great stuff,i just gave my kid his injaction. wait didnt we start with that stuff? where is the exhaust pipe on this car? why dont we just reuse this H2O? hmmmm wait we cant do that, the oil industry doesn’t have interest in the worlds water supply. look on the bright side if they did, we could just our low mileage suv’s and emitt enough carbon emissions till all the ice burgs melt and we may litterally be up to our necks in water. ok have i said enough?

  • comustionjunkiekeiley

    lets talk about energy. 220 volts is not alot of voltage. in fact coming in few years 09? i think it is auto makers are going to use 42 volts, to reduce the amount of amps being used. this is make wires smaller. truth about wiring and wire size. back in the day there used to be this thing called a distibutor, with wires carrying 50kv to 100kv. shocking isnt it? hybred cars have cables front to rear with just about that much in them. it has proven to be safe so far right? well yes. a wire can carry alot of voltage and still be quite small in diameter, but amperage needs alot of surface area internally. truth being told there will allways be a problem with gas. maybe can recall the gas tank recalls? if not here are a few. late 60’s mustangs, early 70’s pintos and the notorious side saddle chevy gas tanks. gas sucks( you dry).

  • comustionjunkiekeiley

    indeed bob, here is a thought for you. if you pump up the coolant to 50 psi, add in the not harmful exhaust temps, im sure you could install a steam turbine pushing a 220 v generator cranking out plenty of amps to sustain itself if not excess. this of course would entail chemicals to deplete corosion and oxidation and a bypass valve till she is up to temp.

  • comustionjunkiekeiley

    ok here is more, acetylene is unstable. especially bove 15 psig. very violent, and you can see soot from its comustion. the only unnatural components that are unstable are actylene and the gasses in our air.i dont know about you but i dont dig big clouds of raw fuel in the air. what about lightning? it is true that higher volage is more efficient, that is why industry uses 3 phase (440) depending on how its wired. 220v (2 phase) is more efficient than us dirty americans. we use mostly 110 volts and much more amperage. remember volts dont kill humans. 50kv will almost make ya poop ya self, but on the bright side, if ya did you should live to tell the story. it takes about .1 amp through the heart to kill most humans. but dont worry the paramedics can shock you back to life again (hopefully)

  • comustionjunkiekeiley

    mrhyde this unit probably takes alot of volts to ionize the water, much like an ignition system on your internal combustion engine. you can make a million volts, but at a low amperage it wont consume alot of watts. the utilities charge by the kilowatthour, or the 1000 watts per hour. so if your stereo uses 1000 and you use it for an hour you would be charged 1 kwh. at 220v and 5 amps for one hour that would be 1.1 kwh. chances are its not even that much amperage. why is it people gotta talk trash about new technology? perhaps they have not grown up, studied up, instead of running your mouf, run your brain for a mental excercise for once.as for vortex, theoretically speaking yes it should work, only due to people not taking care of their vechicles. there are better options, ethos and petroleum distilates. more free flowing air and exhaust do help also. too much may affect torque although

  • I have done some reading on this technology and would like to visit the manufacturers at some point to see if what they claim is accurate.

    I don’t believe, however, that they at any point said it produced more energy than it consumed. Also, even if it does use electricity, we are beginning to find better ways to harvest it from nature (i.e. solar, wind, geo-thermo…). So regardless of how much electrical energy it takes to produce, it would offer a cleaner way to consume the energy (instead of burning fossil fuels) since the exhaust is simply water.

    Another thing that I seem to remember from the video is that they did not run the car entirely off of water. The “4 ounces goes 100 miles” was the fact that 4 ounces of water when converted into HHO gas and then added to gasoline would not run out for 100 miles.

    And remember, they designed this for use as a replacement for oxy-acetalene…not to run your car.


    Hey guys listen up. I’ve been studying and working on this concept now for over a year. I have built my own HHO generator that produces HHO gas using only 3 amps of power. I’ve installed one on my car and ups my milage by 30%. I’ve also built my own torch system. I don’t need or use 220v. I’m doing this with a 12v battery at 3 amps. my next project is to set up my home generator to run on this gas. I’m already set up to use propane or gasoline, now it’s just a project of sending HHO to the unit instead of propane. I’m sure that it will take some adjusting in the carburation, or what ever. Bu the way I’m no scientist, just a regular guy who’s not waiting for big business to kill this concept. If they win, we lose. Get the information, and build your own unit. Then decided if it’s real or not…I’ve already been there and done did it…

  • Patrick

    I’m just puzzled by the number of negative comments about this product. Every high school student has learnt about electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen. Forget about the perpetual motion idea which is a non-starter and focus on what is possible. If the motor unit improves gas milage, is it not worth looking at seriously ??? Here an Australian unit called the Magdrive seems to work if the video is true and the diver is to be believed. All countries are using fossil fuels which are running out very quickly. now if we can use this technology to extend the supplies by supplimenting with hydrogen gas at a cheap rate, shouldn’t we atleast look at the technology ??? Comments have been made that it takes more energy to produce than you get from the burning of the gas. Well why does not one of the Universities test the unit under controlled conditions to see if the unit works or not ??? I saw an article where a Saturn fitted with a hydrogen generator unit ran some tests in Europe and achieved 99 miles/gallon. If this is true surely it would extend our fossil fuel reserves ???

  • Patrick

    Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing, How is it possible for the units flame temperature to go from +/-260F to 10-13000F without any extra input of energy ??? any comments there on ???

  • Ken

    There are a whole lot of people that ask some pretty dumb Q’s does a car run 220 – it can does your house run 9V DC – it can.
    It uses more energy to produce HHO – so did recycling, and so did solar, but technology has a way of advancing, and finding solutions. Can you split Hydrogen from water for a fuel cell vehicle – sure – but how to do that efficiently and cheaply – that is a problem being worked on. So to all of the NEY SAYERS that say man cant fly, the human voice cant be transmitted, the human voice cant be recorded, you cant go to the moon,science does not allow for this or that (that science has been proven wrong many times – loopholes) , you cant go 100 miles on 4 oz of HHO – PLEASE CLOSE YOUR MOUTHS, WATCH AND LEARN.. As the real thinkers make progress..
    Do you think our SCIENCE is ABSOLUTE and our knowledge of science is not with out errors ..get off the whacky weed and look at all of the science that has been disproved, loopholed and rearranged in the last 20 years, now as in the days of Coepernicus and Galileo and the science of the Titanic Unsinkable.. OUR SCIENCE HAS ERRORS!

  • bill

    As a high school auto teacher I read this post laughing. I wonder if even half the people have even heard of ohms law. Most of the edjucated mechanics that I know think that many different energy sources could have been used years ago. Why they havent?

  • meme

    Ohms law??? What? v=ir what does that have to do with anything?

  • Wht?

    What the heck? isn’t anyone smart enought to figure out the hoax? HHO is H2O, water. THere’s no gas derived from sticking baking soda into water and eletrolyzing it!

    That means every time my wife makes a cake (with water and baking soda as ingrediants) and it spills onto the burner (powered by electricity) it creates this “magic gas”…

    Why the hell hasnt my kitchen blown up?

    UR all dumb..

  • “Blindman”

    wow what a bunch of narrow focused people. when did you all lose your NATURAL sense of curiousity? HHO gas too good to be true—like a small bomb that could destroy a city was in 1935–till Hiroshima…

    and all this focus on “getting more out than you put in”
    Ha_ like Man had anything at all to do with storing HUGE ammounts of energy in the form of water ie..1 molecule = 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms combined by the forces of atomic level electrical attraction.
    and the most creative thing you can think of to do with it is wash your butt or flush the toilet?

    C’mon people quit looking for the perfect safe storage battery and go drink a glass of it!

    is it really too hard to believe that using an RF frequency generator (like found in a c.b. radio) tuned to the resonant freq. of water to disrurb the covalent bonding of the atomic level electrical currents holding the the atoms in molecular form while passing a current between to polarized plates wont liberate the stored energy in the water??? I can generate enough rf with a 12v battery to make you sterile (yep, no more babies) or cause blindness.

    everything..EVERYTHING has a resonant freq. and when subjected to it comes apart. (opera singer shatters glass with her voice) (sonic blaster breaks up gallstones) … an mri machine uses resonant freqs. to take those fine pictures of the inside of the body (WITHOUT EVEN BREAKING YOU OPEN FIRST!) IF HOWEVER IT WERE SET TO THE WRONG FREQ. it would cause damage to the tissues it is surveying and you would die.

    is it so hard too believe, tell a man from 1800 what an ipod is or a microwave ect… this is the USA and we have just begun to invent new ways of doin stuff.

    turn off the mass distractor and go MAKE something in the yard or shop! Oh wait here comes the news to tell you what to be AFRAID of today he he he “Blindman”
    ps check out ron pauls voting record for the past 10 yrs. and see why they call him “Dr. NO

  • It’s really amazing how most designers are over looking lessons we can see from space. The whole universe changes constantly, and one thing I as well as many scientists can affirm is matter changes forms multiple times. Our Solar Systems runs fairly efficiently, look how the sun works, the atomic structure of the sun changes it’s elemental form so many times before it’s finally realeased in a mass coronal ejection. another thing you will notice is how every thing seems to work together. There are many Systems working together in space that directly impact each other. Orbits, tides, gravity, gyroscopic equations, magentism, vacume systems, energy created in spining, heat, solar radiation. they all have a purpose.
    The point I am trying to get at is it takes over 50 different component WORKING TOGETHER to fly an aircraft, I really believe that we can achieve %100 if not more efficiency with HHO IF we harness every problem to an advantage point. Example of this is this, got a heat problem creating loss? Use the heat to make electricity, line something with thermal voltaic cells, bright light, use it, light emmited? add a light focusing lens. We just need to integrate more subsystems that harness Byproducts. Some say HHO gonerators get hot, combined with burning the gas pumped into the equation Burn it, make more heat make steam, make power. why waste light produced photovoltaics. any how that’s my two cents.

    We tend to think about the inefficiencies rather than taking advantage of the situation.
    Man, Can’t wait till my protype is complete 🙂


  • Bum

    Eddie…Where did you get the plans to build your generator and instructions to modify your car? What type of engine did you modify? Details please to enlighten the rest of us. I agree with you, give me the plans and i’ll build one myself. If this technology is genuine i’ll build one for every one I know.

  • HHO Gas Generator is a website that will be dedicated to this very issue. We are going to point to this list if that is ok as we feel it’s a great blog for this very subject.

    Thank you all for your comments and we will be visiting often.


  • Concerned reader !

    I’ve read all (!!!) of the posts…
    it is amazing to note that not one (…0 has answered the basic question that seems to lurk there:
    how many units of enegry (in watts or BTU equivalents) are needed to CREATE the gas (HHO).
    No one has indicated how many BTUs of heat are being RELEASED by burning a unit of gas (say, Oz by weight or grams).
    That is the basic question that MAY yeild some more inteligent discussion.
    Further, all the commenters have not indicated if there is an understanding how the seperation (‘splitting’ of molecules) process realy works; what is the proper catalyst (steel, other metal or what); what is the process under which a CURRENT will flow in the ‘seperator’ that my use PURE water (not really a conductor a low voltage…).
    Just a few question to try to stimulate a more inquiry-based discussion (Science,anyone?…)

  • Concerned reader !

    To help the discussion further along (I am impatient…), here is another source of reading:

    The Chemistry of Water-The Hydrogen and Oxygen of Water

    There are some very important conclusions there, despite the technical content!
    Happy reading to all!

  • Ken

    you can create a generator that runs off your battery , you may not be able to run your car a full 100% off the gas but you can sure supplement your economy

  • Samatha


  • testplot

    just a note: who really cares how much energy it takes to produce one mega flop of energy from HHO. the point of this entire system is that if you can put in 4 oz of water and increase your milage another 100 to 150 mile per tank ….. what a great deal!!!! i can assure you that the container that the 4 oz of water came out of did not have Shell, Chevron, Exxon, etc. on it….
    BOTTOM LINE: anytime a company makes (for example) 10 Billion dollare in net profit, in one quarter of the year, then a lot of regular folks really got screwed to the wall and the gov. “HELPED”.

  • sharad

    maybe maynot be there are so many ifs and buts for the simple test can be done .does anyone raise an eye brow for use of regular fuel.no body cares fo rthe enviorment.
    collectivly people should test and inform others regarding any development.
    No cost is too much for saving our children’s future

  • BOB

    Using water as a fuel source for cars is useless (energy wize) because it violates the first law of thermodynamics. so their is no extra energy to be gained by using it. however it would be more cost efficient to a welder, because then you do not need to know the exact energy output you are getting. you are just cost efficiently converting one type of energy to another. I think it would be kick ass to use water as a fuel for cars and whatnot, but right now we don’t have the tech to do it so that every one wins.

  • wow

    Everyone that has posted negative feedback to the idea of using HHO gas as an energy source should research a little before hacking down something they don’t understand. I’ll give my response to a few of the posts that I read. First off I would like to address one of the first posts, made by “John”. Of course he is using 220V to power the torch, it is normal to operate a piece of equipment like that from a 220V power source. The point is he is not purchasing an expensive fuel that causes pollution to manufacture (refine)and he is not creating pollution in the process of burning that fuel (which by the way is a more effective than the traditional fuels). He could use the same gas that is coming out of his torch to power a generator and virtually eliminate his energy cost of operating the equipment. There were more than one person that claim it takes more energy to produce HHO than can be produced. That is a false statement. There are multiple places (I don’t have the links on hand) that operate generators from HHO that is produced on site with power from the generator that burn the gas (this may not be HHO gas but it is a gas produced/extracted from water by use of electric current) Any way I’m tired of typing now so before anyone makes a statement claiming that HHO is not real, efficient, or safe than traditional fuels do some research.

  • Jon

    First law of thermodynamics,

    case and point.

  • Anonymous

    I’m always amazed at how gullible folks can be when they’re told ball-faced lies with a straight face.

    The amount of energy required to electrolyze H from H2O will *ALWAYS* be more than is releasd when it’s recombined. That’s science fact.

    Essentially this process is a burning of hydrogen in the presence of water (no problem there) which cools the process. Unfortunately, focussing on that is merely to obscure the fact that the energy equation to *make* the hydrogen to burn is a negative equation — just as it is for hydrogen for fuel-cells or for burning in an internal combustion engine (which Ford has been doing experimentally for quite some time).

    If you go and search out this ‘technology’ you’ll find the ‘snake-oil’ websites coaxing you to purchase the HHO secrets for $67.95 — but hurry!! …before the leterature is sold-out!!! You could save thousands

    Net: the energy equation is negative; the proposition as a meaningful energy alternative is totally fallatious; it’s snake-oil in straight-faced wrapper.

    Caveat Emptor! (let the buyer beware!)


  • Anonymous

    Hey guys. I think folks are always get hung up on anything that “claims” to be greater than 100% energy efficient; which I don’t think the inventors of Aqygen are doing btw. Who cares if something isn’t miraculous, if it’s more efficient to produce than other forms of energy (fossil fuels for example), and less damaging to the environment, that should be good enough right? I don’t think anyone wants to rewrite physics here, I think they have just found something novel (and potentially very useful), like oil and gasoline used to be. If this technology has ANY merit (which it appears to) we can work out the details on how to produce it more efficiently, find additional uses for it, etc. over time. The gasoline/diesel in the cars we drive today wasn’t invented overnight either. Don’t throw a good thing away, just because it isn’t what it could be yet.

  • Anonymous

    I worded that incorrectly regarding oil and gasoline being useful, in the past tense. HHO gas could be useful (hopefully in the very near future), like oil and gasoline already are. Again, nix whatever ideas about anything being greater than 100% efficient. Who cares, nothing is, nothing will be… Let’s please focus on the benefits we CAN get from a technology or recent discovery. Thanks 🙂

  • Lars – Last 2 Anon Comments

    Hey, just thought I might provide an example. A hydroelectric dam isn’t 100% efficient and we still use that technology. We simply take advantage of some elements that are in place and produce energy from it. Water evaporation moves clouds inland where it rains, gravity pulls it back towards the ocean where it came from. We simply harvest some of that potential energy on the water’s return journey. We don’t need 100% efficiency, we just need financial feasibility. If it’s feasible to construct a hydroelectric dam and charge for the energy we have a winning situation. All that HHO gas needs is to be financially feasible. If it isn’t (which I think it is) could we pool our collective mental energies and make it feasible? I think we can, and I don’t think there are as many obstacles as people would like to believe. Anyway, I’m done for now. I do like to hear myself talk but even I have my limits. 😉

  • Felix

    I’m curious/confused. I’ve been looking around a lot about HHO in cars and the #1 argument I always hear against it is that more energy is used to convert the water to gas. People will say that since the alternator is working harder, its pointless because the engine is working harder. I’m not following the logic. If I get 20mpg regularly, and 35mpg with some sort of HHO dispenser in my car, aren’t I still coming out on top? Can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

  • Felix, your right man.

    Since no factual numbers have been stated once since the beginning of this site, let me speak for all of us.

    Let us say hypothetically, That ya you guys are right, it takes massive amounts of energy to create the HHO. NOW let us assume that it requires MASSIVE amounts of HHO to propel a vehicle for a significant distance.


    So instead of a 12 gallon gas tank propelling me X amount of miles. I only get to travel half the distance with a similiar amount of HHO, WHO CARES.

    Look, I would gladly trade off going to the gas station and spending 80 dollars to fill my gas tank when I could hook up a solar panel in my backyard to produce the energy to electrolyze my water.

    Let’s say someone devises a way to run HHO primarily with no gasoline additives, and let’s say I can only drive 50 miles on a charge, that’s fine with me.

    The principle and point that no one understands in this argument is this We aren’t trying to create power plants, we aren’t trying to create more energy than we used to create it in the first place. This isn’t perpetual motion, We aren’t trying to be Joseph Newman. We just want to stop harming the environment, and keep alittle coin in our pocket at the same time.

    Whoever went off on the 220v tangent is a moron, look if I had to use a Terawatt’s amount of energy to fill up the gastank in my car WHO CARES, save that terawatt comes from a wind farm, or a PV system, or hell even hoover damn. If those meaningless 220volts are created by a renewable energy source, what does it matter.

    Ideal situation, your state puts up a renewable energy power plant by your house, so your using electricity from some method that isn’t harming the environment. You then proceed to use that cheap energy albeit large amounts even to create HHO. Then someone fabricates some silly way to actually power a vehicle from that gas. Who would not do it, seriously.

    No all of you would.

    So instead of pissin and whining about how much electricity it takes to electrolyze water, focus on perfecting it, and making it useful. Because If someone were serious about this, then I think they would like that one fella say, put up some wind turbines in the backyard to electrolyze water for free. And if it was free to begin with, who wouldn’t want to use it to power a vehicle.

    If someone can say truthefully, that the combustability properties of HHO are not significant to push the pistons in an ICE engine, or some other hurdle like it burns too hot, and you cannot keep the block cool enough during this process. Then I’ll shut up I’ll retract my entire statement, and end my life.

    Because if I can’t dream, then there is no point in living.

    Call me a liar

  • hoon

    You can download instructions on how to create this kind of stuff from torrent sites. I am pretty sceptical that this would actually help mileage, but would like to see anyone that actually attempted creating one for their car. On the other hand, I am thinking that it could help a bit by storing wasted energy, or some kind of a synergy effect by combustion together with regular gas. Just a guess.

  • hoon

    In addition, looking at this kind of sites, they happen to be using the same videos all the time. And they lead to poorly designed scum sites which asks you money for the instructions. Kind of making everything look more like a hoax.

  • Matty

    This is for real. I own one of these machines. The real benefit is the ability to create clean fuel on demand and on site. HHO technology combined with photo-
    voltaic cells would eliminate the metal or glass workers
    reliance on massive welding corporations. IT isn’t really an issue of energy efficiency for me. It has more to do with the state the energy is in. This technology allows me to use the energy available to me (electricity) to create the fuel I need on-sight instead of paying a huge wasteful corporation to do it for me. As far as transportation, BMW has been working on a hydrogen powered car since the eighties. This is for real!

  • Exactly, look here fella’s we aren’t looking for a be all end all. I could run my car off of Liquid Propane if I wanted too, granted it’s about 10 cents more a gallon than gasoline, and I’ll average 4miles less to the gallon. But I won’t be supporting the Gasoline industry, and I just did alittle research and found out that the by products from Propane aren’t harmful as apposed to other petroleum manufacturing processes.

    As detailed above, the manufacture of propane produces a variety of byproducts that are economically useful. Actually, it is more accurate to think of these not as byproducts but as co-products, since they are produced along with propane as part of petroleum refinement. These co-products may be in the form of solids, gases, or liquids. Solids (or semisolids) include bitumes, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide and are sold for fuel purposes. The liquid fractions include crude oil, which is further refined to give a variety of products. These oils vary dramatically in appearance and physical properties like boiling point, density, odor, and viscosity. The different fractions of crude oil are referred to as “light” or “heavy” depending on their density. Light crude is rich in low-boiling and paraffinic hydrocarbons; heavy crudes are higher-boiling and more viscous. They yield a variety of asphalt-like molecules. Many of the co-products of propane production, such as propylene and butylene, are useful in gasoline refining, synthetic rubber manufacture, and the production of petrochemicals.” — http://www.madehow.com/Volume-3/Propane.html

    All we are saying is if we can use clean cheap renewable energy sources to generate the electricity to run a car off of hydrogen, why the hell not even if the cons might outweigh the pro’s. We won’t be harming the environment as much and hell it’d be free, you gotta love that =-)

  • One that knows

    People in general are just plan lazy, none intuitive and just plan scared of change. Go to wter4gas.com take their 7 day FREE yes Free coarse. Come back and put in you 2 cents worth then. You are focusing in on wrong end of what really works here. I would like to here from one person who would not want to get around 50% better fuel mileage. Yes their is effort required or you can wait till some one does it fo you.

  • It could be

    Something we all have to understand it takes time,money,knowledge and drive to work on something that can’t be done (according to most uninformed people). Should I stop working with HHO because others have not seen the evidence first hand? This technology will continue to improve because of the internet allowing knowledge to be spread. I know it works I have built a number of units and have one in my car at the moment. I went from a hho unit the size of a 2 liter bottle down to the size of a d battery heat a big problem working on a way to use the heat to improve the hho production. The process will take alot of close tolerance to form the hho cell. I won’t take up much more of our time but look at it like this how many of us can build a sparkplug to meet the specs. of a store bought unit? It would cost alot for the equipment. Time to set it up and so on. Most likely 1 out of every 200,000 people or more have the money,time,knowledge and drive to do this with hho. Most of these people will be secretive because of the $ signs that flash in with there breakthroughs. This is true of most breakthroughs. Most people who tinker with hho do not fully understand how it works but one of these people will most likely stumble on a more efficient way. If we all stopped because of alot of skeptics, most of the conviences of life would not be all around us. Negative comments will always out way the positive because of the lack of first hand knowledge. To those people who say some comments are to long you will not be able to figure out most things because it takes time to learn. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFGhZNxdyDY

  • Kev

    This procedure, and the gas it creates, seem to have an equal number of supporters vs. detractors. Is there anyone with a detailed knowledge of molecular chemistry and thermodynamics who can lay this argument to rest? It seems to me at least (though I am admittedly a layperson) that this process (or at least the sensational claims of it’s supporters) violates the law of symmetry, or equivalent exchange. However, I can’t claim to know whether or not it is possible without experimental results. I’m going to try a few experiments with this “car kit” and post my results and findings whether or not they support my hypothesis. That should at least calm the debate on this site, if no other.

  • jpaulzson

    for those thinking about release of energy (that you can never get more out of a process than what you put into it): may I remind you of the nuclear reactor, and its implications. There is far more release of energy with a detonation than what went into the system, so it isn’t impossible for a process to do that. However, I am skeptical that HHO will work. We’ll see.

  • D-cat

    This thread seems to have evolved over the last couple of years, but I’m still seeing some prevailent misconceptions. HHO is a real gas; it is nothing more than a homogenous mixture of 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen. It has many peculiar properties when ignited, perhaps most of all that it is not explosive but rather implosive and thus has an over all cooling effect at the end of the process, which is why it does not violate the laws of thermodynamics. See http://www.svpvril.com/svpweb9.html for more.

  • D-cat

    As for its use in cars, it does improve milage, but not necessesarily how you’d think. The skeptics are right IMO that you cannot produce enough HHO gas to push a car with the car’s own power; energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted, and the standard ICE is terribly inefficient, about 25% on average. Where the HHO works its magic is in fuel combustion…

  • D-cat

    … In the combustion chamber, the HHO is mixed with your regular fuel. The now enriched environment will burn faster and more complete, as well as cooler from the vacuum effect of the HHO burn. This results in a near 100% fuel burn, all but eliminating toxic exaust products. The efficiency improves by the percent less exaust is incomplete combustion products less the energy required for electrolysis not regained in combustion; typically between 15 and 50% gain depending on several factors.

  • Joe

    Mass market this and our water shortage becomes a crisis as water becomes 10.00/gal

  • I am new to this HHO gas since December, I’ve just spent 45 minutes reading all of the blogs about this subject and if this HHO gas works like some of the “pay for the plans” site state, who is brave enough to put out some free instructions for this car gaget. Come on you brave souls put your plans out there so we can all see this work.

    Oil = greed, greed = money…money makes the world go around. All I am asking for are instructions for building this gaget, I will buy the parts, but not a book that may or may not be true.

  • People this was already working in the seventies.
    Oil Companies Just dont want to loose revenue from oil sales, would you if that was your product.
    Fact is that it is possible to create sufficient amount of HHO to run your car off the alternater, The process they are using to accomplish this is not brute force electrolisys like we were shown in school, This is more the process of fracturing water into its natural elements using frequency, not volts and amps. The correct voltage values and frequecies depending on the cell design is between 700MHZ – 923MHZ. Volts as low as 1.23V and amps as low as 1.2.
    Your HHO on demand system uses different frequencies at different throttle position.I have sucessfully managed to run small engines on HHO. I have a 1600 Golf running on HHO, I had to ceramic coat the Pistons as the heat created in the motor kept melting them :-(. And replace the exhaust with Stainless.I also run a more sufficient cooling system. There were also a lot of obstacles to overcome but hey at least it can be done.Dont be sceptical, this works just try it.I use a cell similar to MEYER,(NOT THE SAME)PCB Layouts can be found on the net. Mainly using 555.They work ok, but there are better ways. I am in the process of patenting my cell design at the moment, Once this is done I will share :-).

  • eric

    I am a amature bt a sceptic beliver I leared about changing water into a gas along time ago. so I bought the book and reading it seems to be the biggest chaleng but if I can build I will come up with a revise ver and give it to the guy who sold it to me so he can make a HHO for dummies. Then after testing it out I will tell you my opinion. My biggest fear is that I will have to install another alternator to generate the right current for the thing to work on my 4 cyliner nissan truck.

  • D-cat

    I just built and installed an electrolysis cell AOT to make sure I wasn’t talking out my donkey and am happy to report a 33% increase in fuel milage on my 93 Legacy! I have modified plans so that the single cell units are glueless. I will post at a later date once I get everything written down and organized.

  • HHO Gas Generators are for real! No question. We are still working on the site and will be ready for launch shortly. Please visit and sign up by clicking the “join” link right near the beginning.

  • You folks injecting HHO into your engine intakes have done nothing but add more oxygen to the fuel / air mixture. Your getting more mileage because the engine is running leaner. You can do this without HHO by reprogramming the fuel maps in your cars computer. Any fool with a modicum of ICE knowledge knows that engines run more efficiently if they are run on a leaner mixture. The problem is HEAT, a lean running engine runs hotter and eventually destroy pistons and valves. The reason most engines don’t run this lean on gas is that the mixture is richened to help cool the pistons and valves. Some manufacturers (such as Honda) have modified their engine control computers to run very lean mixtures at low rpms and loads where the engine can handle the small increase in heat. You can’t do this at high rpms and loads because you will generate too much heat.

    Putting HHO in the engine is just like putting in Nitrous Oxide…

  • Matty

    No Phil, it is not like Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous needs to be produce industrially,compressed, stored in expensive high pressure tanks, and shipped by huge fossil fuel burning trucks. I can make fuel out of rain in my back yard ON DEMAND. I don’t have to rely on costly, unsustainable, and dirty infrastructure. Water is the most abundant resource on the planet. You nay-sayers need to open your minds and look at the big picture. This technology produces clean and sustainable fuel that won’t cause any wars. Wake up people

  • And what energy source are you using to generate your HHO? You realize that no matter what the source, it’s more efficient to use that energy directly than to use it to convert water to HHO right?

    You never get back the energy from burning HHO that you used to generate it from water. There IS no perpetual motion or cold fusion here folks.

    YOU need to wake up!

  • Matty

    I use electricity, which could potentially be generated by solar, wind, and or hydro. Of course it costs energy/money to produce HHO, but how can I do torch work with electricity? You are completely missing the point, it is still cheaper and more efficient for me to produce HHO myself in my back yard than to pay some huge company to use more fossil fuels. HHO replaces the torch workers need for heavy dangerous high pressure tanks. HHO can be readily separated and stored to serve as a “battery” to store excess energy created by solar or wind indefinitely, ever think of that? Oh, and by the way, HHO is an oxidizer and fuel whereas nitrous oxide is just the oxidizer.

  • Oscar

    What about all those web sites selling manuals about installing hho kits to the cars and getting 20% to 50% better gas millage. Is it a scam… There are at least 4 sites with reviews plus the mag driver that sells the kit already built. There has to be something about it. I know of guy locally that bought a manual and put a kit together, then installed it
    and claims he’s getting about 7 more miles to the gallon. Is this real… I don’t know , but there are people talking about this and this is not new tech.

  • This is something that I am further researching. If you want to help please send all info you have.

  • Oh, so now you don’t want to talk about vehicle fuel anymore? I realize it’s a great idea for torches (no high pressure bottle / cost) I’m taking issue with your assertion that you can use if for an economically feasible vehicle fuel and produce it on a large enough scale in your backyare off solar.

  • Matty

    BMW has been working on their hydrogen car since the eighties. Hydrogen Technologies Applications is working with an engine manufacturer to attempt to solve some of the heat issues. The most practical application of HHO is as an additive to conventional fuels. The process utilizes waste energy from the engine to generate HHO which increases fuel economy while reducing emissions. It does all this without changing the current
    infrastructure. It would make sense for large companies like WAL-MART to add it to all of their trucks. Commercial vehicles account for 40% of the fuel Americans consume. This is where fuel costs really start to affect the economy. It’s good for the economy, it would reduce dependence on foreign oil, and it’s good for the environment. It’s win win!

  • TheCat

    Sorry to puch a hole in the HHO argument, but the whole idea of making a car run exclusively from water is ridiculous with the technology we have currently. Not to re-iterate the point but you cant make energy out of nothing (duh) and thats essentially what the unconvincing video is trying to sell you. Forget HHO, go make some algae oil biodiesel. Now thats a technology worth going after.

  • I am currently using 14 peltier junctions (series and paralell) on a home made exaust manifold to produce the voltage and current needed to make the HHO gas for my vehicle. With a Pulse Width Modulator running at about 10 amps ( half of what the peltiers produce from waste heat) I have seen a jump of 15-20% increase in fuel economy (depending on how I drive). Thats just using a single electrolyzer. I plan to stack two electrolyzers and and see what happens then. The energy is provided by waste heat from the exhaust therefore no extra strain on the alternator using up the fuel. Even with the price of the pelteir junctions it will pay for itself in less than a year if fuel goes up to $4 a gallon. Thats just me though.

  • Pat

    I have been looking into this deeply I have made my self a unit that produces the HHO. The tests I have taken with the unit I made look good. But I have made this from info I recived online. But I would like this to be sold in a store. I hate to buy things online because if you need to get parts or take it back because it dosent work. With the gas prices going up we need to get this plan going.

  • Unbeliveable, quit wasting time and get togeather a help build the unit.

  • Will this water work?
    Please help me understand

  • polop

    hi ther ei find it nearly coan mmical the number of people don’t believe in helectrolysis and/or renewable ways of powering it. fist off people who say the altentor won’t handle it – i say – does it matter? just carry an extra battery under the bonnette or in side the car. a battery will last agood few striat hours without charging (great for ye ole’ americans popping accross the road in thier massive cars) then one they get home they can charge that battery in any way they like – free wind/solar energy or use normal power plants (remember power plants usualy use fossil fuels, but they are optimised much better than your normal car motor and make more energy per litre than your car can, so even using normal electrisity it is still “greener” than a petrol car engine) the way i se it even if you are not getting something for nothing, conservation of energy wise, you are still getting something for less than you would have paid the corperate fat cats for.

  • bob

    nitous oxide is nothing more than extra oxygen when heated to above 500 degrees it expands to oxygen thust boosting the cylinder capacity like a supercharger or a turbo.
    further by leaning the car you would not get this much of a fuel savings
    this seams to be pure gas,
    1)does it burn hotter in the cylinders than gas?
    2)is the technoligy only to a point where a small amount can be created to augment the gasoline or will it burn to hot as a stand alone ???
    adding a gas through the intake would obviuosly make the engine run stronger thus backing off the throttle.thus creating improved milage.
    what about that fella that had the vw buggy running on pure hho what is the premise of the water splitter installed at the spark plug. same technoligy as this ??

  • toogi

    To drive your car with water you need to change DC to AC and again AC to DC 73.5v and no more than 5amp. ok.
    The SRX Cadillac of Mr. Santana at the http://www.santanaeffect.com is running on water since four years using salt water out of the sea. Be advise that Santana is known as very radical scientics and including his boat in Florida is perpetual motion as long as the boat is on the water. You should no use normal water but salt water do to the amount of sodium. Don’t forget that water spliting is a question of frequency and have nothing to do with 220v or 110v plus you will need two pipe of 100mmR and 50cm long as use by santana and your car or truck will run perfect, just ask santana but be carefull this men have many enemies.

  • uslesys everret mcgill

    you all got to be kiddin. if we can produce more power from a drop of hydrogen than the entire u.s. uses. surely we can build a car that is inexpensive and runs on water. check out popular mechanics magazine 05/08

  • EntropySolution

    I don’t understand what the problem is? It’s like people are scared to change the standard engine design. I mean the wankel rotary engine is the only thing to come out since the combustion engine became mainstream that is different from the typical piston driven setup. And I might add the rotary engines aren’t revolutionaryly better, they’re just a different way of doing the same thing.

    Any time you change the fuel you use, you’re going to have to change the engine to accomidate the new fuel properties. That’s not something you’re going to be able to get around. But once you get over the fear of making some changes you can run your engine off straight hydrogen without any gasoline at all. It’s just a matter of how much you want to tinker and tweak with it until you get it running properly. Heck you have to do the same thing with running on alcohol or propaine. So what’s the difference? Why are people scared of putting in an extra battery, or a small extra alternator to accomidate the new electrical needs? It’s not like it’s a big deal to do. A friend of mine had an RV he built out of an old dodge van from the 80’s and it had 2 batterys and 2 alternators in it so they could run appliances in it. If they can chop shop togather a camper that can run an electric oven, microwave, electric range, and still have power left over for things like small tv’s and radios.. Then a little extra electricity for a HHo producer isn’t a big deal at all.

    Now about the engines blowing up. You have to adjust your compression with hydrogen. It combusts at a higher preassure and temperature than gasoline. however it burns faster so the temperature dicipates quickly. This actually makes it run cooler than gasoline because the fast burn doesn’t give the thermal energy the time to transfer to the internal parts.
    Go look up Hydrogen Fundamentals on youtube. It’s I think a 12 part thing and it’s real. This guy goes through all the mechanics and physics of it. He shows you what you need and how to make a lawn mower engine run on Hydrogen as an example. He explains what sort of changes you need to make to your engine go get it working. with the right modifications you can make your car run on just about anything that will combust. Gasoline is no longer necessary.

    For those of you who ask, if this is real why haven’t large companies gotten in on the deal. Chances are that they have, and they’re not talking about it. I personally think that they probably have it all worked out, and they’re waiting until we run out of fossil fuels before they make the technology commertial.
    It’s not a stupid assumption to think that these oil companies have something on the shelf to sell us once they run out of oil to sell us. That’s what they do, sell energy for profit. they’re not trying to make the world a free happy place, they’re trying to pack a few more bills into their wallets.
    They would rather sell us the oil they have now for the next 20 years and make money, than to research something for 20 years and end up spending money on something that ends up making them less money than the oil does. Since to them it’s about money not enviornmental issues or personal freedom, of course they are going to be opposed to a fuel that is cheaper than gasoline. Even if fuel effeciency isn’t any better, the price difference would be enough to have them stick to selling their gas for 5 bucks a gallon instead of selling HHO or some other fuel for pennies on the dollar. Their goal is to make more and spend less. So it’s no surprise that they want to make sure that this technology doesn’t become mainstream until after all the oil reserves have ran out. Then they will be converting gas stations over to HHO stations, or bio deisil stations, ethonol, some other fuel they can sell us. But what scares the hell out of them is that some guy with a basic college education in mechanics or electronics is going to build an effective realitively cheap way to produce their own fuel, weather it’s alcohol, or terpines, or hydrogen. I’m not even talking about large scale energy production. I mean just for the personal use in a vehicle, they are making alot of money on that alone and it scares them shitless that someone might figure out how to make an engine run on an abundant fuel that they can’t monololise and control the price of.
    Sometimes I wonder if there aren’t people on their payrole who’s job is specifically to flame the technology and convince people it’s just impossible so that they don’t even try. After all, it doesn’t matter how possible something is, of no one even tries to do it. A good anaolgy. You don’t learn to swim by standing beside the pool worrying about getting wet.

  • toogi

    Thank you for your comments Entropy Solution.
    As I mentioned before, hydrogen is the answer and I learn with santana what he call the santana effect. I went to visit him and for my surprise, he also show me how his entire house which is powered with hydrogen only and his wife Ford super duty truck drive with over 85%hydrogen and 15% diesel. Its also truth that a small coversion and adjustment need to be made in the engine but nobody can imagine how great that is just because the people are use to accept the so call words of authority for granted. I’m very surprise to see how low is the technical knowledge of most people in many technical environmental forums and how easier is to make everyone walk away from the truth by just claiming to be some kind of authority in the field. The house heater of Mr. Santana was propane Gas before and today is only hydrogen which is producing heating and electricity in abundance for their own private use.
    According to Santana, hydrogen is a question of frequency and chain reaction and no the total stupidity writing on every paper and forums by those so call panic soldier. The total conversion cost of the SRX Cadillac was $1875.00 and the Ford Super duty truck was $2345.00, The conversion of his Elegance small Yacht 54′ foot long did cost about $5000.00 so as all of you can see, in the world they’re people who don’t take panic soldier advise but use their own mind. I notice that the cells use by santana were calculated by weight and multiple plasma cells and now he is working on a kit plane like the tiger shark using microturbine with hydrogen only, he will be the first person who ever cross the entire USA flying with hydrogen only without letting anyone know about it.

  • Matty

    Hey “The Cat” the algae thing is bunk, they are genetically engineering the algae. Te HHO thing is for real. Just try and take 40 amps and subliminate tungsten, it ain’t happenin.

  • Bobro

    hi there… bit late to this discussion but hey better than never… i didnt read all of it so sorry if im repeating anything but…

    i read somewere that scientists along time ago found this out and calculated an output of 150% + (that would be pleasent)

    and all though people keep saying its safe i also heard the same or simalar method is pretty much how we got the hydrogen bomb!.. (bad if you have a car accident but think of the power output!!)

    i beleive this technology to be the way forward and that it can be worked on and improved greatly, the reason we arnt using it is cause goverments will struggle taxing water..

    any comments about my post are gladly welcomed..

    keep smileing everyone :^D

  • Bobro

    oh one last thing… i heard its not just water out the tap… its very VERY pure water…

    something about when you put electricity in water it conducts not cause of water but because of the minerals and other chemicals in it, what you need to do is purify it (no i dont think britta filters will do it) and then the elctricity causes the water maolicules to form up until they split, creating HHO then you can burn this like a crasy man after bean supper!!


  • Hay to the guys worried about powering the unit. Why not rig it to start from the battery then )after you mod of course)have it power of of some extra fans(aka mini windmills) that can be set up in the grill of the car. The faster you go the more wind. The longer you drive the more energy. Also could you not us this set up to assist in the recharge of the battery and take the strain of the alternator?

  • tim

    More info:
    The idea behind hho water vs. gas is a hybrid engine (car).. not a complete replacment of gas combusion. Oxygen from the hho bind to the gas and burns it more efficiently expressing C02 and not C0. Hydrogen burns much hotter, burning all the fuel rather than 60 percent as a regular car runs today. A simple hho gen can improve fuel economy. Now, you dont get energy from nothing. It takes electricity to get the hho seperation. BUT… the alternator in an auto is underutilized. it only take 5 or up to 8 or so amps at 12v to get enough hho to build a hybrid. That amound of power will not create the inverse amount of resistance on the engine because the mechanical part of the alternator is already spinning all the time. Drawing 5 or so amps will not have a negative energy impact. Drawing 30 or 40 amps will. Like when you jump your a car.. the other feeder car’s engine is impacted because 40 or so amps is being pulled causing added resistance. We build one. To test. we bolted several of them on to a motorcycle (no generator so we regulated the electricity with a lab supply). It ran the bike without gas. We are bolting on to a car soon. Will hope to get significant gas improvement

  • mflores

    I’m building one for the truck and should be testing this weekend. A comment earlier struck me as completely revolutionary. Whole-house HHO powered with solar and diesel back-up. We could live OFF the grid! The Fascists will still have their taxes and tolls, but the people can access free energy.

    Grow your own, People!

  • With all of the energy put into the comments here, has anyone actually built or purchased a system for their car? If so, what were the results. There lies the real truth! If anyone out there thinks that we as humans are all knowing then you have not kept up with the world. Just look at mobile phone technology and the internet. We have only scratched the surface of understanding all that is around us. And, each time we discover something new, it adds another possibility, since coupled with some other new discovery it could bring another. Could it be that the developers of physics missed something?

  • I’m both skeptical and optimistic. Yes, I believe that it will take more energy to dissassociate water into HHO than burning HHO will produce. However when the HHO is burned in the combustion chamber ALONG with gasoline, it may result in a much better and more efficient burn increasing gas mileage.

  • sam

    Would not be smarter if we convince the big oil companies to buy the patents and pay us the big bucks and in return we forget about this project? In a way that oil companies will keep manipulating prices so we both get richer….?

  • Anonymous

    I have yet to see one of these hho generators produce enough gas to keep a cars engine running. Besides, the internal cumbustion engine is very inefficient, just think of all that heat energy being wasted.

  • MrMims

    Wow. all i see are nay-sayers looking at facts provided by our capitalistic governments. Do you really think the development of HHO gas as a feesable fuel source will be anywhere in the realm of beneficial for “The interest of the Nation”, hell, any nation at the matter. What greedy government can put a TAX ON WATER?!?!? We are all being lead to the slaughter by our “leaders” profiting from outdated technologies. Look at what they did to Tesla and Stan Meyers. Wonder why you never heard of them? No one is funding HHO gas and its on the shoulders of honorable home-brewers to perfect this technology.(i believe Stan Meyers already did, thats why he was freaking offered $1 billion to keep his mouth shut. He refused, now hes dead, and no one heard about him except the lucky few whose seen him in local news).
    anyway, to you nay-sayers, if you aren’t part of the solution you’re part of the problem. check your sources and you’ll find they all backed by one source, your freaking government. WAKE UP PEOPLE! a few of you guys on here spreading good knowledge(HHO-Runner “Blindman” and others) are speaking the truth and you people need to listen. these technologies have already been somewhat perfected… we have backpedaled and now learning how to harness the energy in naturally occuring batteries aka WATER again. think im lieing, go search on youtube, look for Stan Meyers, and dozens of home-brewers posting their finding. Upon viewing learn how to distinguish the real from the fakes before passing judgment, information is finally uncensored now-a-days.

    cough.. excuse me, guess whats already happening. our governments already trying to turn a profit on water. lol, well they already did that with bottled water coming straight from the tap of you water-hose. ummmmm, look at the companies being produced, trying to find a way to store HHO gas so that they can create it themselves while you PAY FOR WATER… AGAIN. when is this nonsense gonna stop? wake me up when our corrupt governments get off their profiteering high horse and make a change for our world.


  • Emilya

    Can we run our car with water and gas?
    Can anybody tell me is the HHO Gas is real working or is another scam?


  • Carlos

    With all due respect…
    We humans are so skeptical when we see a free sign.

    The production of Brown’s gas (HHO)is done by my alternator in my 2000 Honda civic by drawing approx.
    15 Amps of current from it (the potential for this is
    already built into a cruising vehicle)
    Check “Dutchman Enterprises”

    I’m currently enjoying 120 MILES/U.S. GAL. of Gasoline!!

    Write me back if you want a ride!!!

  • I have a HHO generator in my 2003 saturn lw300 and i usto get 20 mpg and after having 2 generators in my car i get 50 mpg. major jump and huge money saver! and yes it works. of course

  • V

    I’d hate to think of what happens when we use up all our water trying to satisfy all our conveniences.

  • matty

    Hey V, water is the most abundant substance on earth, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, if there is anything we should be burning, this is it.

  • Rick M

    For all the skeptics out there, my friend built a very primitive HHO system and put it on his 69 VW Bus. It makes Hydrogen on demand and stores nothing. If is very safe. The results? He is getting 37 MPG with a stock 1600cc motor in a 3500lb VW Bus. He is no genious and I have seen it working with my own eyes. This technology is simple, for real and it works. So, for all the “KNOW IT ALL” types out there, sorry…people are using it and getting results. I plan to do this with my wife’s TAHOE and monitor the results.

    Surprise, AZ

  • You don’t have to try something to understand that it works.I’ve seen facts on the news and all over the Internet, that running a car on water IS possible. Even that I haven’t tried doing it, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

  • I think this is completely possible. Back when i was in high school, my science teacher told us that way back whenever(i cant remember exactly when, although it’s a very long time ago), they used to use something called water gas or synthesis gas to power street lighting. This water gas was was composed of water with carbon monoxide dissolved in it ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_monoxide ). The water is just simply transporting the dissolved gas and controls how it burns, gases are still combustible in water. It is my belief that HHO gas is similar. You end up with H2 + O2 dissolved in water. H2 is a lot easier to ignite then CO, plus you have excess O2 so when you cut something like metal the it is being oxidized a lot quicker. Also you would only react as much O2 as needed to cut through a given material, possibly explaining it’s variable temperature properties. Just my 2 cents

  • is that true, I have never seen such a thing before. But I am not convinced.

  • Chimandude

    I used a water torch for several years back in the mid ’80s for soldering gold… The unit used distilled water and ran on 110v… It produced an outstanding tiny fine flame…

  • Pala

    Many comments state that production of the brown gas takes more energy than is produced by burning the gas. Well, lets hope so otherwise some basic laws of known physics are being broken.

    The issue is not whether or not it is 100% efficient, the issue is it more or less efficient that the burning of gasoline to power cars?

    If the energy conversion ratio is less, is the difference worth the benefit to the environment and our national security by reducing dependence on foreign oil?

  • me

    Hey V, if you separate H & O from water and then burn it, guess what you get… water.
    It’s the only thing I know of that renews itself…

    V said,
    8-21-2008 in 18:36:27 at
    I’d hate to think of what happens when we use up all our water trying to satisfy all our conveniences.

  • Great blog & info will be back:^D

  • OH WOW! I do love reading this stuff. I can tell there’s a lot of formal chem and engineering training in this house. As for the guy with the Tahoe, I would like to know what your SUV’s fuel/computer system thinks about this little project. I’m guessing it will be a ton of fun. I just have one question. In this country, OH SO FULL of people looking to make a buck. Don’t you think that someone would be getting really, really rich and getting some real press if this was a real, practical piece of technology. Are there any mass produced aftermarket systems out there? Come on! And let me guess, the moon landing was filmed in Hollywood too, right?

  • Win Mg

    Do you think the HHO also known brown gas can burn it self only internal combustion engines, without any fuels or gases?

  • blocky

    iwant to no where i can get these systems in australia for cars to run on water

  • Is HHO the same as hydrogen gas? Hydrogen gas made from water as fuel for cars is actually not new, as severeal comments has noted. The inventor behind the refrigerator, Balzar von Platen (born1898 i Malmö, died 1984), is has to also invented a hydrogen car which he used when going the about 10 miles (50 km) between his home town Ystad and Malmoe.His granddaughter told me this. In the 70-ies there was a conspiracy theory that car and gas companies hushed this invention. Maybe it is more true that hydrogen is a highly flammable gas and/or that is takes more energy to produce it than you can get from the gas. I would´t buy home kits, -you can blow skyhigh!
    Nevertheless it could be an alternative, if the the car is made safely and if electricity is made with wind and sun.
    I think we have to accept several solutions, wich is interesting. I hope the old car companies dies fast so we can start on this new venture.

  • “ken””That does not really matter if it is less efficient and burns more energy — electricity is a renewable resource, whereas natural gas is not.”

    Where do you get natural gas is not a renewable energy. Natural gas means it naturally renews itself which is why more people are having their cars converted over to natural gas. Fosil fuels such as oil and many others are none renewable resources. Water is a natural resource which again also renews itself from glaciers and ice caps melting away from us burning these fosil fuels. How it renews it self other wise I personally do not know the scientific answer. How ever natural gas is renewable fosil fuels which is what you should have said are not. Atleast we have not found a way to reproduce these fosil fuels as of yet nor would we really want to.

  • Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

  • hho sestem one car 3000cc prise?

  • claycornette

    im looking to buy HHO gas for my car but dnt know the reall companies from the fake and also i have a mazda rx8 will this gas hurt the rotary engin. And is there a warnty.. call me at 504-881-3791

  • Interesting Factoid for all the nay sayers and the ones who think that if it can be done, the government would have already imposed a regulation requiring it in all cars and other applications because they have the EPA and are odviously concerned about the environment…..The 1960 Ford Falcon got better gas mileage than the 2012 Ford Fusion does!!!!! That is a 52 year span, consider for a moment how other technologies have advanced….Computers in the 1960’s took up the square footage equilivant of most of our houses and now (almost 2012) they fit in the palm of our hand. Why you ask has all other technology advanced and not our MPG’s? Computers that are affordable and fit in your hand are good for the government, for their usage as well as any future plans they may have for tracking the population (you just think you can turn off your GPS). Cars that get better fuel mileage are not better for the government. What reason would they have for fighting useless wars and controlling the flow of our money back into their pockets if we didn’t need the gas pump? Just a thought to provoke intelligent speculation among the population!

  • I friend of mine from work recently installed an HHO kit on his older SUV. Was wondering how to install it on my vehicle, and if it’ll work.

  • LilJJjunior

    I am looking to find a complex formula on how much water it takes to power a a vehicle.

  • why all are silent, whose are talking about the BROWN GAS?

  • kngrtr

    came back to read more,thank you.
    have three yr’s under my belt on HHO & 3 cells in 3 differant vehicals a 98 toyota camray, 95 ford 3/4 ton with the 300/6cyl, & a 2001 ranger v6 4dr with 280k+.
    All 3 have my own designed wet cell’s, but looking to up grade to 3 new wet cells of my design that roll off a ton of gas from 1 amp all the way up to 55 amp 12v.
    We Will See

  • You all are trying to hard with power to your cell. I have a 4plate cell to makes 18Lpm only drawing 9volts 1 amp from battery but in my power center I’m turning 9volts into 100,000volts with a limator so i can turn down the voltage when not needed. Your answer lays in the volts spikes on timed intervals and then reverse the polaraty of plates without interruption of circut. I’m using a can shaft on bearing in a box that’s belt drove the loabs switch the voltage and cycle the circut automatic for me for the speed needed of the motor. My cell runs constant at 72f .I don’t add anything to water. And anyone that adds to water is a pure noob. You all are doing to much work not enough outcome or wasted heat. Get rid of your amps. Its not in the amps noobs. People like me thats been doing this fir years and figured it out usaly keeps mouth shut but I refuse to be quiet for anyone. Oh just to say I’m distant cousin of Myers. Rip cuz

    • Casorenson15

      Could you explain this a bit clearer, maybe in more detail. It Doesn’t seem valid.

    • Josephmaez1

      Hi my name is Joseph. I have been working with Hho for only bout 6months and got 2 dry cells in my 2000 Chrysler 300m. I have research alot about stanly Myers, the guy was amazing. I did take note on how he used higher voltage and lower amps. But he also talked about fracturing the water and developed his water injectors(genius) but I can’t get around how to produce that much voltage in my car without adding an additional alternator. And is the voltage u use a ac circuit just tuned into a certain frequency.

    • rob111

      Hi. I’m just starting to make a dry cell, but am intrigued by your comments. Not sure I understand completely but would appreciate more details

    • ArnoldCA

      How many LPM do you get with your set-up?

  • First of all!!!! That little thing at the top of this page about HHo being a scam,,,Is Bullcrap !!! And whoever put that in there loves big oil!!! This you can be sure!! HHo is REAL!! I don’t just mean using it to get better gas mileage””””  That it just a deterance,To keep people beliving you have to keep buying gas too  !!  My freinds,You can”””” Make units that will give you all the fuel your car,Truck,Mower,Weed Eater,Chainsaw,Go-Cart,Generate Power,Model Cox Airplane Eng.For Hobbyist,Any combustion eng,Can run on Hydrogen gas!! And !!!!!!! If built correctly…. It can never,Yes That’s right ,,Never have a chance to blow up expload,Catch fire,In any way,Whatsoever!!!! No possable way !! None!! Natta!! Not even one little bit of chance…  Bet the oil,And car companies won’t tell you about that!!!  There is a lot of companies,Big buissness,And even Gov. That don’t want this !!! I got news for them!!!   TOO LATE… It’s already here!! ONLY This!!!! Will fix,Our Economy,And our deficet,,Yea I know!! I can spell very well!! So what…So anyway, What I’m telling you is real,It’s not a scam,Or Bullcrap… This type of fuel is the most abundet element in the universe!!!   And it’s free!!! Some people,,,,And some buissnesses,And one’s with power over us little people in this time,Are afraid of change!!! But I truley belive that the majority,Of them are not afraid,They just don’t want to lose,That money grip they have on the people of this good world!! It’s  time we move on!! There is so many other things you and your family can do with the extra funds, that  have to be used out of your income,Just to get to  work,Go to get food,Car parts,movies,Your hair cut,Going to the park,Boating,Vacations,Just going over to your freinds house,Helping him or her with something.People!! This progress,That has been made  in HHo,Is only going to create,Millions Yes!! Millions of new high paying jobs ,And I mean fast!!! Damm Fast..I’m not making any money for telling you this stuff!! No one own’s this stuff!! And if anyone was to try to  tell you other wise.They are a lier..Plain and simple..I don’t care who they are!!  This is our chance to move on in life,If we never advanced in life,and moved forward,We would still be running from dinosours to keep from being it’s lunch today!!! It’s cheap to build,It would be yours,And yours alone!!,To run your cars,ect,even generate all the electrical power your house hold would ever need , Ever!! It runs on water!!! Yea!!! water! And you don’t need rip off artist of all kinds,To sell you any,Heck,Just make a line out of your dicth,Use a make shif collector,For simple ,God givin ,RAIN.. This is the big one they don’t want you knowing about!!! This really,Ticks them off for (You) To) Know)!!!   When correctly built,Not only is it the most safe fuel to use,In order  to keep you and your loved ones,safe,Allways!! But also,,You could drive from,Maine to Longbeach Ca, On aprox,One and a half gallons of water!! This is our gift from above,That we all should be happy!!! Yall have a nice day,,By By

  • HHo is all of our futures! Our complete clean air  to breath,For your children,To breath ,And there children!! No more oil  spills ever!! Remember??? Most of us wihes thing would get better with our economy,Our deficet,To become history,And the human race to keep on living for millions of year to come!! Not just Oh!! We have enough oil,natural gas and shale to lat for a hundred years or so!!! What??? Polute distory our planet that has been here for ,Get this!! Billions of years!!  NO!!! This gift was givin to us from above!!! Hey!! I don’t even go to church!! But I know what is True!! The answer to our prayers,Are looking us right in the face!! Hey??? Hello??@$%##!! Earth….Earth..You know?? The big one!! Eight thousand miles in dia!!! Coverd nearly Two Thirds With Water!!! H20… Broken down,Forms HHO!!!!!! Hydrogen Gas??? Ring a bell??? Even if every man,woman,Child were to use this as our new energy,To run our stuff we all use every day,Befor we could even use one tenth,Of it,would have done passed,Over a billion years!! I would say,That’s much better than,One Hundred years,And would be completely clean! And the only by product would be comming from your tail pipe,Would be fresh WATER  !!! You could use over and over and over and over.And could be used to drink,Anything!! Have a nice day!!

  • Dave

    Hey guys 
    I live in the UK and diesel price is £1.45 a lt !!!! and all this HHO stuff is alien to us, our government don’t wan’t us to know how to do this and when they realize that they can’t control people who do it they will tax it just like they do on the bio diesel.

    So I’m asking is there anyone who is willing to help me build the write power supply  and can be of constant assistance and in return i will spread the word around the uk to interested people 
    Thanks Dave 

    • Habibur Rahman

      hi i can help you with that

  • Anna Sternfeldt

    Interesting! I will try this out myself soon and tell about the results on my website  http://www.best-alternative-fuel-sources.com/water-fuel.html

  • Science Freak :)

    I’m doing a project on biomass. I need detail’s on the advantages and disadvantages of biomass. Any suggested website’s that i could use to look up more information about it?

  • Sam

    REPORT HHO CELL TO PLASMA: A new technology available on the market to produce energy from rainwater or distilled, this device identified with the name Blue Magic has been designed and manufactured in Italy, it is an oxyhydrogen gas generator which would then be transformed into plasma for the process ionization through a reactor, the applications are endless from automotive installation in homes for heating, cooking, welding of all materials such as glass and metal, mineral glass ect the device is sold freely on accessweb.it

  • peter grote

    Here you see a 22Plate HHO Generator Kit, made in South Africa.
    This unique Design ensures Zero Current Leakage between the Electrode Plates.
    The Full 316L Stainless Steel Construction is very efficient and indestructible.