Watermelon + Liquid Nitrogen = TNT

After the huge success of ”Coke+Mentos” on HighT3ch a few weeks back, I could not resist to post about Watermelon and Liquid Nitrogen. Even if I expected a reaction to happen, I did not expect it to be this violent. I probally should write something like ”do not try this at home” but the odds of you finding liquid nitrogen in your house or just to waste are pretty slim. So if you do find some, it simply means that its your destiny, TRY IT! : ) VIDEO->

Incase you really do want to try this. Just remember that liquid nitrogen is dangerous and you can burn your self severly with it.

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  • rx

    Where did u get liquis nitro? is it expensive?



  • baf

    OK, the camera tilted off.

    was the bottle capped? No venting of gas out the top leads me to think that so “duh”, you just had a contained boil of nitrogen inside a locked plastic bottle, which has nothing to do with the watermelon. Try this in texas, in the sun, in summer, and you would be lucky to get out of the way before it happened . We did this back in the 80’s with a glass peanut butter jar (stupid).

  • Bob

    It should be noted that the watermelon only adds dramatic effect–fill a small plastic soda bottle with liquid nitrogen or dry ice and it will explode, with or without a melon.

  • pj

    Just a simple pressure bomb like you guys said. Furthermore there are cheaper ways to achieve the same effect.

  • The camera moved away you could of just chucked a fucking banger in there lol

  • JonC

    No joke, I would have much rather wathced you put the nitrogen in the water melon than have 10 seconds of some guys ass. Cool explosion, but learn how to use a camera.

  • Yes the bottle was capped, so this is a “duh” video.

  • kevin

    You can do the same thing with dry ice (frozen CO2).

  • Phineas

    The force of explosion is determined by the strength of plastic bottle. If you have a stonger bottle,…more bang. Therefore CO2 will do exactly the same blast. You can get CO2 lots of places.

  • In high school we had a lady come into our school demonstrating liquid nitrogen, she said you could get it for cheap from some gas stations. since theres so much in the air, apparently where i lived it was 40p for a litre.