What Are These? Can You Guess?

Apparently these have been on the web for ages now but since im so ignorant, I couldn’t resist to post them. If you already know what they are, good for you! If not, can you guess? Looks like pens with hidden webcams right? Nop! Wrong! Think of the laser keyboard and the portable PC evolution…Its…->


Well, its a laptop! Isn’t it obvious? I have very little information on them but this is how our laptops of the future are supposed to look like. With the laser keyboard, micro projector and a very thin nano PC all the size of a pen.

Check the comments section at the bottom of the page for more info.


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  • Hi,
    this was part of a NEC-showcase of near-future devices visualized by designers.

    Best regards

  • Thank you Stephan! 🙂

  • Trajan K

    i’d go for this instead of having desktop panels and what not.

  • Piromaniac

    Hi this is cool but how much memory does it have, does it cost less than a laptop, and what is its battery life?

  • Khalid

    great invention but…1 big flaw you can only use it in the dark!

  • Noshah

    hi my brother

    amazing invention

    and I have the same projet such us yours
    but some different between mine and yours
    I have the Idea to improve the laptop
    but in different way.

    hope to see your invention come true

    bye bye