8 Hours Myth – How much sleep do we really need ?

Researchers are now developing a pill so that we require less sleep. According to them our 8 hours of sleep is mostly pointless and is only a myth. They claim that sleeping patterns are different for every individual and its from 3 to 11 hours of sleep. Do you know anyone that sleeps 3 hours a night ? Will we be the first species to dominate day-time and night-time ? Article ->

Sleep is one of the most enjoyable things a human can do. If we actually do manage to live without sleep or with ”very little sleep”, would that mean that our society would turn us into even bigger working machines ? 15 Hour shifts a day ? Is this where the pharmaceuticals are leading us with this new drug ? The 8 hours might be a myth but a myth is always there for a reason.

Read the full article on this subject from Intelligent Life.

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  1. luis June 21, 2006