Amazing Pre-Historic Plant


ThinkGeek -> This is a very interesting little plant with the definition of ”survive” engraved in its leafs. This One-of-a-kind plant has lived on the Earth for over 290 million years and has the ability to “come back to life” (much like the undead) over and over again for hundreds of years! You can forget to water your Dinosaur plant whenever you want! It will simply dry up and hibernate for up to -> fifty years <- and will spring to life every time it is given water. Priced at $7.99 USD.

Simply place this seemingly dead ball of foliage in water and within hours it transforms into a vibrant green evergreen.

Some Interesting Tidbits about your Dinosaur Plant:
# During the Carboniferous period these plants used to grow over 120 feet tall (bigger than a T-rex)
# When dry it curls up into a tight ball so that the wind can easily roll it to a new location or cubicle, hopefully closer to moisture.
# Retains 3% of its water when it is dehydrated.
# Grows to be about 4″
# Enjoys life so much it survived the Ice Age

Via ThinkGeek

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