Arm Bicycle Mirror

Unlike the traditional bicycle, helmet or handlebar-mounted rear view mirrors, RearViz mirrors are designed for the cyclist, not just the bike. RearViz have thought outside the box and created a quality product that can be attached to any part of the cyclist’s arm. The arm-mounted, weather-resistant band is the biggest distinguisher of our product. Being mounted on the arm permits the user to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision. Furthermore, the RearViz won’t vibrate and distort your vision as the strap holds it in place and gives the cyclist control. The RearViz has also been designed to adapt to a range of activities and people with a patented interchangeable base allowing you to swap and change between a RearViz mirror and a RearViz universal camera mount. With a large gap in the market for quality rear vision mirrors, RearViz have solved the problem with this one-of-a-kind product.


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