Could This Be The Greatest Rescue Vehicle?

This is one bad ass machine called GHE-O RESCUE, however it does remind me of the Balloon Wheels Vehicle from Belarus.

It’s a custom-built rescue truck suitable for transportation, medical support and fire extinguishing capabilities across all terrains and any weather nature can throw at it. Up to 11 people can sit on board the 3.2-tonne monster, and you can spec many different accessories to suit your superhero needs. And here’s where it gets a little bit fantastic.

You can fit water pumps for firefighters, pneumatic pillows filled by a 620-litre water tank to float over water or snow, tracks over the rear wheels, a foldable top cargo section, a medical stretcher with side-door access, a plow system, and even GPS. GPS!

No word on the drivetrain, but we’re told the “heavy duty transmission” gets lockable axles and is powered by petrol engines with outputs ranging from 340bhp to 500bhp, or diesel units producing between 218bhp and 304bhp. Should you be a member of a military outfit, you can add electromagnetic and water protection too.

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