Daymak’s The Beast – an Off-Road Scooter with Fat Tires and Solar Charging

The Beast is a sturdy off-road electric scooter that packs some really cool high-tech goodies.


You can choose from a single electric motor, or dual (Beast D), that can launch the bike to speeds of up to 31mph. It also comes with: a durable steel frame, ultra bright headlight, USB ports for charging gadgets, and knobby 21″ fat tires that provide traction on any terrain.

The battery pack is probably the best feature of the vehicle – it can be charged either via a wall outlet, via kinetic energy created by pedaling, or from the integrated solar panel.



The Beast D, boasts a dual 500W Motor, and the Daymak Drive controller. It comes ready with the 60V20ah lithium ion-upgraded battery and the solar panel battery. Riders can also shut off one of the Beast D’s motors to conserve power.

With its dual brushless DC motor that can go up to speeds of 50 km/h, the Beast D is not only stronger and faster, but it is designed uniquely for off-road use. The Beast D can climb hills of up to 36 degrees, which is an 80 percent increase from the Beast Ultimate to tackle rough terrain.




Via TechEBlog

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