Five Technologies to Pimp Your Car

1 – LumiLore

LumiLore a paint that turns on with a switch: You probably thought that the creativity of car paint stopped at vinyl car wraps, but you would be very wrong. New technologies have allowed the art of painting a car to evolve much beyond the conventional methods. LumiLore is an electroluminescent paint and it can be applied to any non-porous substrate including but not limited to Metal, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastic and vinyl. This is a patented electroluminescent coating technology that can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch. If you ever needed your car to stand out, this is the stuff that you need. Unsuspecting pedestrians will never forget your car once they see it.
CREDIT: LumiLore

2 – Color Changing Headlights

These R G B A headlight kits are the latest advancement in lighting modifications. The Dynamic features allow the user to run multiple moving color patterns, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect. Conveniently controlled through a free smartphone App, these systems can allow users to control the color of their headlights with ease, however not all jurisdictions will allow these lights. It may not be worth the risk to get a ticket just to look pretty.

3 – Heat Sensitive Paint

Heat Sensitive Paint: Some people like cold temperature change paint that can let them know if they have a cold beverage (like on a cup). Others prefer a hotter temperature changing paint to warn them if they may be scalded by something that is too hot, like a child’s bathtub. There are so many applications for this paint but probably the best application is on a car. It’s not just a pretty effect, it is literally a head turner. CREDIT: Ryan Miller –
CREDIT: SuperDaveVideos
CREDIT: Rene Turrek Graffit Artist

4 – Electric Shading of Tinted Windows

You might be surprised by the following effect and think that it’s a video editing trick, we can assure you that it’s not. This car window can be tinted at will and appear darker or lighter with the flip of a switch. In some countries tinting the windows to a certain shade can be illegal, therefore you might get pulled over because of this technology, but then again, you might also fool the officer with the flip of a switch.
CREDIT: India Innovative
CREDIT: 3d Chris

5 – L E D Message Windows

Imagine being able to display a message on your rear window to apologize to the driver behind once you merged too quickly into their lane. Or imagine displaying a message to thank them for letting you merge into their lane. These things are now possible with L E D message boards. They can even be activated by voice using Siri or Google. Hopefully this technology will not be used to display profane messages, and instead be used to spread peace and love.
CREDIT: RoadWayve

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