Life in the Googleplex


Life in the Googleplex was a very interesting article in the Time Magazine. Google is letting the world know that they treat their employees like kings and that there is no better company to work for. They even allow the employees to bring their dogs at work. I am ready to give anything just to work for Google now. More pics after the jump…


This is a 24hrs service for repairs, repairing any device known to man !

A life guard watches while an employee relaxes ! 🙂

I would spend my whole life in there !


In the Googleplex they even have a hair stylist !
Google is obsessed with food, they allow their employees to have three free meals on their shift.
Ever felt like playing Voleyball instead of working ? Here you can !!
There is no doubt, Google is the best company to work for in the world !

Via Time Magazine

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