Part Yacht part Submarine-House

This Half Yacht Half House concept made me change my dreams about the kind of house I wanted. Trilobis 65 is designed by Giancarlo Zema and this thing is a real must have if you are a millionaire. Oh and if you really are one – buy me one too! Check out the blueprints of this concept they really are interesting, it even has a submerged glass livingroom.LINK ”At first glance, the Trilobis looks as if it would be more at home soaring into the sky than plying the waters of atolls, bays and maritime parks. Looking at a computer image of the bow conjures up visions of the flying saucers in 1950s science fiction films. The Trilobis’s blueprints, however, reveal a nautical heritage that reaches back to the humble dugout while simultaneously embracing 21st century technologies that include high-strength composites and nonpolluting hydrogen fuels.”

Via Neatorama

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