Pong on Oscilloscope

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Some people are a little too nostalgic, to the point where they have this burning desire to play Pong on anything they can think of. After the “Pong Wall Clock” this time its the Oscilloscope that serves as a platform. Designed and built by 3 engineers at Columbia University for their junior electronic circuits class. Cmon People! The PS3 is here. Stop playing PONG! VIDEO->

“A circuit built from discrete circuit components and common IC’s (opamps, timers, switches, logic, counters, 7-segment decoders) that plays … all » Pong on an oscilloscope in XY mode. Players also get to move the paddles in both the X and Y direction for added strategy in gameplay. Features include wired controllers, stereo sound effects, controllable ball speed, controllable paddle size, score keeping, and two game modes: service and wall ball. “

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