Responsive Hangers Activate Monitor That Shows Clothing Samples

Here is another great business idea for you; you can imagine that if every time someone picked up a hanger it would display the clothes from that hanger on a model which would drastically improve sales. TeamLab has already produced a working sample used in VQNQUISH Ikebukuro store, which is probably somewhere in Japan, feel free to Google it. But where you can improve on is perhaps applying this principle to not just clothes but every product on the market. What if I were to pick up an orange juice and then see the commercial from that brand right on the monitor in the store? It would probably convince me to buy, especially if they are showing Justin Bieber in the add, I buy right away!

teamLab is displaying its teamLabHanger product at the VQNQUISH Ikebukuro PARCO store, in cooperation with Ceno. When a hanger is removed from a rack, the teamLabHanger system uses a nearby monitor to display photos or video that are coordinated with the clothing on the hanger.

Via Diginfo

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