Rinspeed Etos BMW i8 Can Drive Itself and Has a Drone Landing Pad

The Rinspeed Etos is packed full with cool features.


Thanks to its 9 high-definition exterior cameras for tracking surrounding objects, the Rinspeed Etos can operate autonomously. While on the road, it automatically links to the city infrastructure for traffic information and even cell phone reception.

Switch to a manual driving mode and the steering wheel will extend out of the dashboard, and the vehicle’s gaze-tracking system monitors their eyes to ensure constant alertness.

A neat little extra – a drone and a landing platform for it, consisting of 12,000 individually controlled LEDs, are included.



According to Digital Trends:

Inside, the Etos is equipped with two curved 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors that serve as the gateway between the occupants and the Harman Connected Car infotainment suite. The technology acts like a courteous personal assistant, anticipating the needs and wants of the people inside while also providing ‘perfect entertainment.’ Even better, the system learns as it goes, predicting appointments, adapting to personal preferences, and reducing the amount of manual entries the driver must input. If you must be bothered with entering in an address or changing a preference, you can do so with touch, voice, or gesture controls.


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Via TechEBlog

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