Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair restoration is nothing new even if many men still don’t know about it. Hair transplant was introduced years ago by a very invasive method of removing a strip of skin in the back of the head and extracting the follicular units (hairs) but that method would leave a permanent scar. A few years after that came the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) which was done by removing hairs one by one, not by strip, therefore leaving no scars. Those follicular hair units would then be transplanted into the area of the scalp where hair was missing. And after a few months the hair would naturally grow, seamlessly, leaving no artificial signs. The hard part of that procedure was removing the hairs, as you can imagine a doctor having to remove thousands of hairs from a patient is tedious and very imprecise. But now with the new robotic hair transplant and replacement systems also known as ARTAS doctors can take a break and the procedure is much faster. Restoration robotics has come a long way and I am really happy to see these advancements because in a few years I will be needing a hair transplant too.

Hair Transplant Results – Before and After

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