Say Goodbye to Unsafe Motorcycle Helmets, and Hello to the Rear-Access Vozz Helmet

The Vozz Helmet doesn’t use a chin strap like ordinary helmets.


This new helmet design splits vertically into two sections that pivot around a hinge, which locks in place for a better and tigher fit. This way the helmet cannot be accidentally removed and it also ensures more chin coverage. In case of an accident, the helmet can easily be dissembled into two parts without moving the neck or pressure to the head.

Besides havng less aerodynamic lift, the helmet also has additional heat insulation for cooler weather.




According to Mail Online:

A ‘fully adjustable chin strap,’ has also been designed to prevent strap creep, and roll the lower edge of the helmet and eliminate snag points. Each helmet produced will undergo a quality assessment, and the creators have partnered with an International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) 9000 certified manufacturer to ensure utmost safety.





Via TechEBlog

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