Seriously Strange Coincidences

One thing I enjoy learning about is strange coincidences not because I believe in the supernatural or anything far fetched but because it feels like I can explain some of them logically. It makes me feel like a detective.

4 Strange Coincidental Stories

The Legend of Hugh Williams

perhaps the strangest coincidence ever recorded happened along the Menai straight off the coast of Wales over the course of 175 years. Were these historical recordings accurate? Some sources say that the second ship sank in August and not in December but all do report the same name, Hugh Williams. Pretty creepy if true…

People’s Coincidence Stories

Science VS Religion Coincidences

Here is another interesting list of coincidences, 5 Things Religions Figured out Before Science. It’s a post I made a few months back that compares the two and makes you wonder what’s a coincidence and what’s truth.

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