Sim Cell – Game Where You Explore the Biology and Cellular World

Here is an interesting video game, Sim Cell puts you in control of a nanobot tasked with entering a human cell and repairing and protecting it from the inside, gaining a deep understanding of cellular biology in the process. So far away from the violence of GTA.

With the control of a Nanobot, a robot small enough to enter and explore a living cell. Within this world, the player finds systems built to reflect actual scientific information about the cell, and he or she must investigate and understand this world in order to complete their mission of saving the cell from a virus invasion. The first step in understanding the world is by scanning the surroundings. Every object large and small can be scanned in Sim Cell, and through this mechanic the player comes to understand both the mechanics of the game and the mechanics of cell biology (which in this game are one and the same).

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