Sleeping on the Job

Erin Peterson is definitely sleeping on the job. She is being paid by NASA to stay in bed for two months, her only duty is to lay horizontal so that her feet never fall below her head. This way NASA hopes to study the effects of space travel in a goal to provide answers for the missions such as Mars where astronauts would have to stay in space for about a year and a half.

When she stands up for the first time after two months she can expect immediate vertigo, nausea and muscle atrophy, along with soreness on the bottoms of her feet.

She saw an advertisment in the newspaper which at first she thought it was a scam but after few phone calls and some testing she got the job.

I really hope for her that this experiment will not leave her with any permanent side effects. Props to Erin !


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  1. quinndi June 24, 2007