Sonte Film – Control Window Opacity with Smartphone

Crowd funding is amazing and this project is worth your penny. SONTE Film is a user-friendly, WiFi enabled smart film or digital shade and you control it with your iPhone or Android device to adjust the level of transparency of your windows. Sonte Film is currently on Kickstarter and promises us that their kits start at US$65 for a 50 x 50 cm (1.6 x 1.6 ft) square and range all the way up to $374 for a 1 x 2 m (3.3 x 6.6 ft) sheet, plus shipping costs.

• Easy-to-install, Wi-Fi-enabled smart film allows you to control the amount of light that passes through windows, going from see-through to opaque in less than a second
• Affordable, DIY solution that is completely customizable – just measure your window, cut film to desired size or shape using scissors and stick to your window
• Free smartphone app makes control of the digital shades quick and easy
• No sticky residue from the electrostatic cling adhesive – ideal for renters and homeowners
• When in opaque state, the smart film can be used as a projection screen
• Helps reduce energy cost in the home by filtering UV from the sun
• Ideal for glass partitions and windows in the home, office or storefront
• SONTE Film kit comes with smart film, Wi-Fi transmitter/ transformer (one single unit), connector and cables, and cleaning kit

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