Soylent – Food of the Future – Man Never Has to Eat Food Again

Since I am a kid I always wondered what kind of food our body needs on a daily basis and what would be the optimal nutrition for us to consume. So I am really excited about this product, Soylent. If you haven’t heard of Soylent that is probably because you have been living under a carpet. Soylent is supposed to be the food replacement of the future. It has every nutritional element that your body needs, no waste, no bullshit just everything you need; or so they say. Would I stop eating solid food and go on Soylent? Absolutely not! I like food way too much for that and I’m not fat but the idea behind it is intriguing. Could this save the world from famine?

For many people, on many occasions, food is a hassle, especially when trying to eat well. Suppose we had a default meal that was the nutritional equivalent of water: cheap, healthy, convenient and ubiquitous. Soylent will be personalized for different body types and customizable based on individual goals. It allows one to enjoy the health benefits of a well balanced diet with less effort and cost.

For anyone who struggles with allergies, heartburn, acid reflux or digestion, has trouble controlling weight or cholesterol, or simply doesn’t have the means to eat well, soylent is for you.

Soylent frees you from the time and money spent shopping, cooking and cleaning, puts you in excellent health, and vastly reduces your environmental impact by eliminating much of the waste and harm coming from agriculture, livestock, and food-related trash.

Now, you don’t really have to pay money for Soylent, you can make it yourself at home.

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