Super Size Me – Documentary

I have seen Super Size Me a while ago and found the documentary really entertaining and educational at the same time. I used to argue alot with people trying to convince them why fast foods are unhealthy and in particular McDonald. Ever since I seen this documentary I would just tell them to go watch it. I try to avoid eating McDonald, however since I am in France for a short time and tried McDonald here, I kind of have a different opinion. French McDonald tastes ten times better. I believe it is due to the fact that French laws do not permit feeding cows growth hormones or any other nasties that are allowed on the North American continent. I also noticed a taste in milk products, much much better. I hope our North American governments come to their senses and try to take example on the French when it comes to food. VIDEO->
Here is the direct link to the youtube video, it is better to view it in full screen.

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