Thanks to Their Patented Solid Design Tannus Tires Never Go Flat

Finally! The Tannus Tire puts an end to flat bike tires.


Instead of the standard inner tube, these tires make use of patented Aither material that encases 10-micrometer air bubbles in a robust mesh of protective walling.

Their similar to a honeycomb structure can stand up to nails, glass, and any other obstructions which may come your way. If pierced, a handful of bubbles may burst, but the damage doesn’t spread further.



According to Telegraph:

In terms of the ride itself, Tannus’s tyre feels a little bumpier than a pneumatic tyre, which is because they contain less air to cushion blows from the road. However – and here’s the clincher – if someone didn’t tell you that you were effectively cycling on solid rubber, you probably wouldn’t guess. And as the tires are just as light as a normal rubber tire plus its inner tube, your bike feels no heavier with its new set of shoes.





Via TechEBlog 

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