The Futuristic BMW i Motorrad BetaIR is Better than the TRON Lightcycle

We present to you Sebastian Martinez’ stunning i Motorrad BetaIR.


The motorcycle has a sleek aerodynamic body, complete with Tron-inspired spokeless tires. It uses  a magnetic suspension for the ultimate ride experience.

Ultra bright LEDs can be found at the top of the motorcycle.



According to Hi Consumption:

BMW has always had some impressive concept car designs, and their concept motorcycles aren’t any different. There’s a new motorcycle concept floating around that’s one of the most impressive that we’ve seen, and although it’s not designed by BMW, themselves, it’s worthy of a conversation: the BMW iMotorrad Beta|R by Sebastian Martinez.


bmw-imotorrad-betair1 bmw-imotorrad-betair2 bmw-imotorrad-betair3



Via TechEBlog

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